Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alcohol laws

Today I went grocery shopping. I went in the morning instead of the afternoon and it's Sunday and I forgot about the stupid Michigan law that says alcohol cannot be purchased before noon on Sundays. I was buying a bottle of vodka so I can start brewing (I don't know if that's the right term, but I'm using it anyways) my own vanilla a little trial run for our wedding favors. The lines were long as hell and I of course do not like waiting so I hopped between 3 lanes so I didn't have to stand in long lines. On the 3rd lane, it was about 11:53 and the cashier was taking his sweet time, which was rather annoying to me. I had my license out so he could check it, but he wasn't ringing up the bottle. Towards the end of him scanning the groceries, it was 11:57 and he picked up the bottle and he looked at his watch and said, "I'm just going to draw the rest of the scanning out because I can't run the alcohol through the scanner until after noon." Ahhhhh SHIT. There was a girl behind me and I told her sorry that she'd have to wait a few more minutes. Luckily it was only a few minutes, and we got to talking (me, the girl behind me and the cashier) and I told them I was going to make vanilla extract with it. We were literally counting down the seconds until 12:00:01 and it still wouldn't let him scan it. He had to wait until 12:01 for it to let him scan it. He said the scanners literally will not let alcohol be scanned before noon, he said it is a restricted item, and it starts beeping, and doesn't allow the cashier to override it.

We had to wait about 3 minutes total, and if i would have just been patient in the long lines, I wouldn't have had to make the girl behind me wait also. At least she was cool about it.

I have the alcohol but no vanilla beans so really it didn't matter how long I waited. However, my goal this week is to find some vanilla beans so I can start brewing this stuff.

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