Thursday, September 30, 2010

October 18th - I am SO excited for you!

I got a work email the other day from a really good friend and collegue and she asked me to pull data on how many military students we have in our school district. We don't record this information, so unfortuantely, I was not able to do this for her. We do have an Army National Guard base by us, but it's a few cities over, and I would assume the kids would attend the schools much closer to them, than here. It'd be about a 35 minute drive, so I made the assumption that even though we have around 9,000 students in our district, we probably wouldn't have too many based on the commute alone.

Anyways, my coworker, S, was contacted by someone (I'll call her T) at the MI National Guard offices and asked if we would like her and another woman to come into our schools and "brief us on resources available to military children and youth, and how school staff can support military families they work with." S forwarded me the email and asked me how many students we have that have a parent in the military, which I wasn't able to give her. S wrote T back and said we don't record that information, but said that she would still like to meet with her, but doesn't want to waste T's time if we don't have a significant amount of military children in our school district. She then asked T if she had a way of knowing how many students of military members attended our district. T wrote back that she doesn't have the numbers broken down by individual school districts, but there are about 600 students in our county. This number is actually much more than I expected; the MI National Guard base is in the next county over, so I didn't think we'd have too many.

Either way, when S first asked me for the numbers, I told her that if she were to meet with T that I would definitely be interested in meeting with her also. We have a meeting set up on the afternoon of October 18th and I am SOOO excited for it! Maybe I can meet some people in my area who know what it's like to be in my position!!! I live in a very civilian oriented community and I've looked online for support groups, but I've not found any in my area. So hopefully this will bring me at least a friend or two who I can hang out with, while our fiances/husbands are deployed!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill In!

From Wife of a Sailor!

1.What characteristic about yourself has either been strengthened or weakened due to your experience as a Military Spouse? (from The Albrecht Squad)

Technically I'm not a "spouse" yet, but I will be in a few months. With that said...I definitely think my patience has gone down hill BIG TIME this deployment. See? I've gotten a little better at killing bugs too (I realize this isn't a "characteristic")...I've always hated them, but now when I encounter a large scary one, I imagine Seth next to me telling me to "just kill it." And to stop being a "sissy pants." I also imagine him yelling at me at the gym, to keep going when I really would rather give up. He's good like that.

2.What is your favorite vacation spot and why? (from ‘Tis the Life of the Army Wife)

Definitely Germany when I went to visit him before this deployment. It was the absolute best 10 days of my life. I was sick the whole time, but I would do it all over again in a heart beat. Second favorite vacation was to Alaska with my sister. I did so many awesome things that trip. I can't wait to go back, especially with Seth. I know he'll love it there.

3.If you could have any fast-food restaurant in the food court on base/post what would you pick? (from The Only Pink in a House of Blue)

I don't live on post, nor have I ever lived on post...I've just merely visited him on post, so I do not feel qualified to answer this question :)

4.Where did you go on your honeymoon? (from Pennies from Heaven)

We haven't gone on our honeymoon yet, that'll be next summer. But we have decided to take a road trip to the East Coast and go to Nantucket and Maine and Cape Cod and Boston and all those cities. Neither of us have been there, and I've always wanted to go to Nantucket. I think one of our main reasons for choosing a road trip is because of his car. This will give us him the perfect time and weather to drive his turbo powered car (that he's not been able to drive because it got done while he was in Germany).

5.If you could have any job in the world regardless of money, degree or experience, which job would you have and why? (from Proud to Be a Navy Family and The Calm Before The Storm)

I would love to be an elementary school teacher. I love little kids so much and would love to be able to teach them every day. I don't really want to go to school for this though, so if I could magically do a paid student teaching internship and magically get the teaching certificate (and magically have great kids every year), I would be good to go!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Deployment Donut

My donut is at 47% complete. SOOOO close to the half way point! SOOO close to be on the downhill slope of this deployment. I'm close-ish to seeing Seth....47% closer to be exact. I cannot wait to see him to hug him and kiss him and feel his arms around me!! I cannot wait for leave! I still have a few months to go. It's getting closer and I'm slowly getting things for him, such as clothes, and maybe shoes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Wedding Planning Nightmare


I had a horrible dream last night that Seth's leave dates were moved up by an enormous amount of time, and therefore our wedding date was moved up by the enormous amount of time. This left me completely unprepared, and although I had my dress, I had NONE of the fun little details of the wedding planned. In my dream nightmare, I was running around and making little appetizers for the reception and I was literally screaming at people to do this and that for me. I was a total bridezilla in my dream nightmare. For the record, I am not one in real life. I had these little bite sized bread things that I put pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on, and they needed to be heated up, and the cheese needed to be melted. So I put them out in the sun to melt the cheese. (Normal to cook something under the sun, right?) Then the sun wasn't melting the cheese fast enough and I was getting even more mad. Then I tripped on one of the pans of these and 1/2 of the little things fell down a random hole that was in the middle of the lawn. I was demanding people run to the store for me, to get me assorted items, and then they came back with only a few of what I asked for. I was mad my mom didn't make potato salad. I didn't have an officiant, and I didn't know who was going to marry us. I think I demanded someone take an online course REAL QUICKLY so they would be qualified to marry us.

Needless to say, it was a horrible dream nightmare. I admit I've taken a little break from planning, because I've been really busy at work. But this dream nightmare scared me back into planning mode and I shall not waste anymore time. Our wedding isn't until July of next year, but I need to work on the save the dates (yeah, we've been engaged since December and I still haven't gotten those finished). I have the draft of them, we just need to finalize the guest list (which I'll probably have to do with his parents). Also, we're discussing if we want to have a small ceremony, and a big reception, or if the same people should be invited to the ceremony and reception?

I need advice:
  1. If you sent out save the dates, how far in advance did you send them out?
  2. How far in advance did you send out the wedding invitations?
  3. Did you have a small ceremony and big reception? If so, how did you word the invitations for this?
(Also, for what it's worth, our ceremony and reception will be at the same location).

Zero to Bitch in -2 seconds

For some reason, I've found myself having not a lot of patience during this deployment. I don't know why it is, but I get very irritated VERY quickly. And it's over stupid stuff. Lately, it's when people do not use manners. I get work emails all day long asking for this or that. It pisses me off SO bad when people are not polite in their emails. I'm talking about not using "please" and "thank you." Or not addressing who the email is to. Is it really that hard to address the email as "Stacy," or "Hi Stacy," before they ask for the favor? No, it is not that hard. Those go a long ways in my book. When people write me emails that say, "can I have this piece of information?" it goes to the bottom of my list to be answered. Sorry, but it's true. BE KIND and BE NICE TO ME IF YOU WANT A FAVOR FROM ME.

And while I'm at it, it pisses me off when they spell my name with an E. Pay enough attention to spell it the very least, look in the TO box and see how Outlook has spelled it.

It's going to be a really long fucking day.

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's been 194 days....

...since Seth and I have seen each other in person. That is such a huge number.

We were chatting on gmail this morning. Well, actually, he was signed in, but he wasn't there, so I was somewhat talking to him, with no response. When he finally came back, I said, "where have you been all my life?!?!" And by "all my life" I meant the last 2 hours that he was signed in but wasn't at his computer. Anyways. I'm soo not dramatic.

His response was so cute. He said, "I've always been right here...waiting :) "

So cute, huh!? YEP HE IS!!!!

We also got to g-video chat this weekend. It was for like less than 5 minutes and he had just woken up and was in his pajamas/PT shorts and shirt and had on a beanie and he looked sexxxxy as hell. And he was rubbing his eyes cuz he was sleepy. And he is growing his hair out, which he showed me. It obviously won't last for long because they won't allow it, but he has had a shaved head for a long time now. I like when he has hair. Then we got disconnected and he had to go shower and get ready for work. I'll take 5 minutes over no time though. Especially after 194 days of not seeing him.

Is it January yet??

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Lately we've been talking about babies and when we want to start trying for a baby and all that fun stuff. There's a little thing called a deployment preventing us from trying right now, but one day in the near-ish future, we will be trying. It got me thinking what traits I'd like our future babies to get from me and which traits I'd like our kids to get from him. So, with that said (in alphabetical order) here are some traits from each of us that I'd like our kids to have. :)

Athletic ability -- definitely Seth
Brains -- definitely Seth (not gonna lie on this one....I'm a total blond sometimes)
Compassion -- Me
Courage/Bravery -- definitely Seth
Determination/will power -- Seth
Eyes -- either of us. We both have bright blue eyes so we're destined to have beautiful blue eyed babies!!!
Hair -- me :)
Metabolism -- definitely Seth
Patience - definitely from me
Sassy-ness -- definitely from me :)
Sense of humor -- either of us
Quirkiness - me!

What features do/did you hope your children have from you and your spouse?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recipe for a Military Spouse

How true...

1 1/2 cups Patience
1 cup Courage
3/4 cup Tolerance
dash of Adventure
1 pound of Ability

To the above ingredients: Add 2 tablespoons elbow grease and let stand alone for one year. Marinate frequently with salty tears. Pour off excess fat and sprinkle ever so lightly with money then Knead dough until payday. Season with international spices. Bake 20 years or until done. Makes unlimited servings. SERVE WITH PRIDE

Monday, September 13, 2010

FRG complaint

I have a small complaint about "our" FRG. Seth added me to the list, so I get all their emails, but I've never attended a meeting (it's really difficult to attend -- and expensive!!--when I'm in Michigan and well...his unit was stationed in Germany!!) Anyways, I've been getting their emails for about 7 months and I do find them helpful and informative and in the loop. They send me the "dispatch" newsletter which is usually a weekly thing. There's a section titled, "sprechen sie fun?" and it lists fun things to do in town for the weekend: plays, concerts, sports events, museums, etc. Here's my complaint: they send it out usually on Monday morning or afternoon, after the weekend, after most of the events take place. It seems rather pointless. I guess the rest of the information is still good, but the events are typically expired.

Here's an example: Someone creates the newsletter, and sends it out to the FRG leaders. Then the FRG's forward it to us, the families.

From: Creator
To: Kim
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 4:13 PM
Subject: {City} Dispatch & Community Calendar -- Thursday, September 9, 2010 (UNCLASSIFIED)

(This email is forwarded to a lady named Kim - I have no idea what she does, to be honest - and she forwards the email to the individual FRG's)

From: the Kim lady
To: FRG leaders for the unit
Sent: Fri, September 10, 2010 9:14:27 AM
Subject: FW: {City} Dispatch & Community Calendar -- Thursday, September 9, 2010 (UNCLASSIFIED)

As noted in the Subject line, it's for Thursday, September 9th, but was sent out to the FRG leaders on Friday, September 10th at 9:15 AM.

Our FRG leader then forwarded it to us on Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 11:30 AM.

It doesn't really impact me at all that it's sent out late because obviously I'm not even there to partake in any of the fun outtings, but it still annoys me, and I'd be even more annoyed if I were in the city, missing out on these fun events because it wasn't sent out in a timely manner.

This is the only FRG I've been "a part" of (I use the term loosely, because I'm only a part of it via email), so I don't know if they're all like this or what. I would like to think not, but who knows.

Anyone else have an FRG that sends outdated emails??

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

Like I'm sure everyone else in America, I can remember exactly where I was when I heard about the planes crashing into the twin towers.

It was my senior year in high school and we had just gotten to our seminar class, with Mr. Porter. He was really strict and never let anyone talk. I remember him telling us there was a rumor that planes had flown into the twin towers but he couldn't confirm it. He let us talk to our friends in class, seeing if we knew anyone in NYC, or who worked in the towers. I remember talking to my friend Jessie, and neither of us knew anyone there. I think seminar was only about 30 or 40 minutes, and then I was going to my computer class with Mr. Thomas. I was anxious to go to this class because I could get on the internet and see what had happened. The internet was sooooo slow and none of the websites were loading, and I knew something bad had happened, but I didn't know the extent of it. I think there was a PA announcement, and they confirmed it was a terrorist attack on US soil and said that the TV's in the library would be on with news coverage for the rest of the day. The classes were supposed to rotate in and out of the library so we'd all be informed. I spent my lunch hour in the library watching too; I did not want to go back to class. I have no idea what happened that afternoon, I just remember being glued to the TV, watching in horror. I remember getting home from school that day and seeing my mom and sister. We all just stood in the living room with the news on and hugged each other. There was nothing we could say. I wondered if the draft would come back. I remember shortly after it happened, how everyone came together in America, we were supportive. We were together and united.

I remember in March 2002, my parents took my sister to a concert at the state theater for her birthday. I remember sitting in my room, doing homework, watching the news (I was a responsible teen!!) and I remember the news saying we were officially going to war. I remember being in my room, all by myself, home alone, thinking "we're going to war." It was a scary thought.

Little did I know (or expect, honestly) that 6 years later, how much of an impact the events of those days would have an impact on me. Seth and I "met" in March 2008 online (when he was in Iraq for deployment #2). When we were exchanging emails, he told me he joined the Army shortly after 9/11, fully expecting to be deployed.

I never ever expected those events to have such an impact on my life. I am soo thankful and PROUD of MY soldier, and the rest of the soldiers, marines, airmen, seebees, police, firemen and women and everyone else who volunteered in any way shape or form after the events of 9/11.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School!!

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I really don't think I could be any more excited!!!

The main reason I'm excited for it is because the next 10 weeks are going to fly by soooo fast. That'll put us about the second week in November. Then it'll be just a few more weeks until Seth is home for LEAVE!!!! I can't wait for these next weeks to go by ohhhh sooo fast.

I was also reading in my MilSpouse magazine that fall is an ideal time for those with a deployed spouse. The days are getting shorter, therefore it seems like the days are going faster. Of course I'm looking forward to this too.

Next year at this time, we'll be married. I want to be wherever Seth is, no matter what. Right now, we're thinking he'll be a lifer in the Army, and so he'll have to re-enlist, and hopefully he'll have orders within the next 6 months (that's hopeful thinking, I know) if he'll PCS after this deployment or if he'll stay in Germany. I sorta hope that he'll be in Germany for another year, so I can go live with him and we can travel Europe. I think he's ready to be stationed somewhere else though.

I've also been thinking lately if this is my last year at my current job. Will this be the last year where I'm preparing for back to school for myself? Will this be the last year that I'm at this job? (I will miss it actually). Will this be the last fall in Michigan? Will I be living abroad a year from now? Will I be pregnant?! Will we finally have a pet together? Will we finally be able to spend a fall season together? So many questions, so little answers.

One thing is for sure: I am SOOOO looking forward to this time next year!!!! I'm not typically a fan of surprises and from what I've learned so far, the Army does like to surprise their families. I am actually looking forward to it all, that's for sure.

I have to go pick out my outfit for tomorrow!!!! Happy back to school!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Google Video Chat WORKED!!!!!

Last night I wasn't feeling so great so I took a bath, and then watched Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta. As per my usual watching TV late at night, I fell asleep around 10:30 and woke up at midnight. I got online to email Seth and decided to get on google chat to see if he was on. He was and we started talking. Then he told me he was downloading the video plugin for google chat, and i should too. A few minutes later, we were webcamming!!!!! He could hear me, but I couldn't hear him, but we could see each other and that's really all that mattered to me. Since it was midnight, I was wearing a t-shirt of his, no make up, nap time hair and had a band-aid on my face (don't ask). I quickly ripped that off, put my hair in a ponytail and then moved my camera down so he could see me, not stare at my ceiling. His nose is quite red and sun-burned looking. He still looked hot though :) See?!

It's also been exactly 5 months since he deployed. We're almost to the half way point!!!! It seems like eternity already. It has been 6 months since we've seen each other in person though. Leave can't come soon enough.

When we were webcamming, my throat was hurting kind of bad. I went to bed and woke up at 6:49 am and my whole body ached and my throat hurt even more. I took some medicine and went back to bed. I did not feel like getting out of bed this morning. I think I could have stayed in bed alllllll day long. I have a lot of stuff on my to-do list today, so I better get my ass in gear.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday night date night!

Fall is in the air for sureeeee!! My new thing is fantasizing about date night with Seth. Here's what we'd do on this windy and chilly fall-like night:

This weather is perfect for going to the hot tubs!!! We'd cook a warm and yummy dinner together: baked ziti with french bread and wine. We'd relax after dinner and then go to the hot tubs after dark. We'd spend an hour in the tub relaxing and talking.

After our time is up, we'd take a quick shower together and put on comfy clothes and hop in the car to come home. He'd want to watch a movie, and I'd be really sleepy and just want to go to bed. He'd convince me to watch a movie, and he'd pick one and put it on, and we'd be on the couch with my head in his lap. I'd fall asleep while he's running his hands through my hair and he'd keep waking me up after he realizes I'd fallen asleep yet again. He'd get really annoyed that I keep falling asleep and I'd have to tell him, "told you so!" that I really did just want to go to bed. After the movie, we'd go to bed, and I'd have taken a nice little nap and then I'd be awake and he'd be annoyed because now he was sleepy. haha We'd compromise on the me being awake and him wanting to sleep thing by trying to make a baby and then we'd both fall asleep shortly afterwards. (It's true, we really would try to make a baby).

Oh man, I can't wait to go on a date with my babes. Only a few more months....

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In!

  1. What is a weird/funny superstition that you have? (from A{muse}ing Mommy on a Pink Park Bench)
    Ummm, I don't really have any. Oh! I used to always pick up pennies if I see them on the ground, no matter if it was heads or tails up. However, a few years ago, a friend told me that they are only good luck if it's heads up. I've been ignoring and keeping away from tails ones for a while. And if I'm having a decent day and find a heads up one, I'll leave it for someone else to have a good day on.

  2. What are your hopes and dreams for the years AFTER the military? After all, we aren’t in it forever! (from Stetsons, Spurs and Stilettos)
    Just to be a "normal" family. Whatever normal is. I've always thought that he'd LOVE being a soccer coach for our kids' teams (and he'd be really good at it), whenever we have kids. Not that it's my dream for him to become a soccer coach, but I think it'd be cool.

  3. Since [this] month is National Apple Month (no really!), I’d probably ask: What is your yummiest apple recipe? (from NH Girl Displaced)
    Hmm, I like canning apples! Last year when my sister was home, we canned a bunch of them. By "a bunch," I am talking 48 jars of apple butter and 11 jars of sliced apples for pies. Here's a picture of my sister filling some jars:

  4. How long have you gone as a military spouse without talking to your husband/wife during service? (from A Navy Princess and Her Little Sailors)
    I think a week. At the beginning of this deployment, we talked on Sunday's only. It was rough. I don't think we've gone more than a week without talking, thank God. A week was long enough.

  5. I occasionally watch When I was 17… on MTV. So, what was something that was significant about your 17th year of life? (from Ashley Amazing)
    I was starting my senior year in high school. Umm....I got my braces off in October of my senior year after having them for 4 years. That was 9 years ago!! It's pathetic that getting my braces off was the highlight of my senior year. I'm sure there was more, but I can't think of any right now.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Homemade Vanilla Extract Wedding Favors

I've been brewin' my homemade vanilla extract for exactly 1 month now. It's been very easy and very low maintenance.

Here's the recipe, which I found on

10 vanilla beans, split in half
1 liter of vodka

Cut the vanilla beans, put them in the vodka, seal and store in a dark area (such as a kitchen cabinet) for a minimum of 3 weeks and maximum of 6 months for best flavor. Shake it once a week. After the vanilla is gone, you can add more vodka and keep using the same beans for up to a year!

So I just need to perfect this super hard recipe (psych!) by January-ish, and then get them going for real then, and they'll be ready just in time for our smack dab in the middle of July wedding next year.

Here are pictures:

Exactly 4 weeks later:
I wish I could do a scratch and sniff Blog! It smells soooo good!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SGT B!!!

Seth just called to tell me that he was just promoted to a SGT!! This has been long overdue and I couldn't be more proud of him!! I wish I could be there to watch him get promoted, but obviously that is not possible. He assures me one of his buddies got pictures of it for me. :)

sooo, CONGRATULATIONS BABE!!!! I'm SO proud of you!!! xxoo :)