101 in 1001

I've been reading a few blogs where people do 101 in 1001 days. Here's my list, starting November 1, 2010. This gives me until {date} to accomplish these things, in no particular order.
  1. Plan our (successful) wedding
  2. Make a baby
  3. Move to Germany...(or wherever the Army has in mind after we're married)
  4. Pay off all personal debts
  5. Type up all my recipes that are on random bits of paper...and put in an organized recipe book
  6. Lose 20 pounds
  7. Rescue a puppy from an animal shelter
  8. Host a holiday dinner with our families
  9. Make it through this deployment
  10. Visit my sister in Oregon
  11. Visit my brother in California
  12. Pay for a better/personalized blog layout
  13. Learn insider tips on blogging and cool things to do with it
  14. Become a proud owner of a Kitchen Aid mixer!!!!
  15. Go for a hot air balloon ride
  16. Participate in a 5K
  17. Get 50 (public) followers (hint, hint!)
  18. Buy an SLR camera...and then learn how to use it and enjoy it
  19. Receive my 1 gallon blood donation pin from the Red Cross
  20. See the Northern Lights (preferably in Alaska)
  21. Go on a cruise
  22. Send a message in a bottle
  23. Learn serious hard-core kickboxing
  24. Go rock climbing...in the wild. (Not indoors)
  25. Spend an entire day at a spa...getting lots of spa treatments
  26. Buy a house
  27. Donate to Locks of Love
  28. Go berry picking
  29. Ride a roller coaster...with my hands up in the air
  30. Go to the airport without a destination in mind and ask for the next available flight. In country or out, doesn't matter!
  31. Make a list of things I like about myself
  32. Make a list of things I dislike about myself
  33. Attempt to go snowboarding
  34. Have a savings account with at least $5,000
  35. Learn to shoot a gun...and hit the target
  36. Learn to enjoy beer
  37. Participate in the 200 Squats challenge
  38. Take a cake decorating class (with Seth)
  39. Learn and get certified for CPR
  40. Get a hot stone massage
  41. Give a 100% tip
  42. Kiss under fireworks on the 4th of July
  43. Go to Hawaii and see a real volcano
  44. Blog for 7 days straight
  45. Read 3 books in 2 months
  46. Visit all 50 states
  47. Sleep under the stars
  48. Fly first class 
  49. Climb a tree
  50. Visit New York City
  51. Visit the Eifel Tower
  52. Donate hair to locks of love 
  53. Go on a safari
  54. Hold a snake
  55. Get a tarot card reading
  56. Go white water rafting
  57. Visit 5 National Parks 
  58. Go on a backpacking trip for 3-4 days and sleep in the wilderness
  59. Work out for 7 days straight
  60. Get a hot stone massage 
  61. Make my own pasta
  62. Get an SLR Camera and learn how to use it
  63. Join a book club
  64. Hike the Appalachian Trail  
  65. Make Seth breakfast in bed (this will be difficult because he's always up before me)
  66. Floss every night for a month
  67. Rent a beach house
  68. Wax my legs
  69. Cross country ski
  70. Go blueberry picking
  71. Go on a road trip with no set destination
  72. Take an art class
  73. Go to Arlington