Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bang bang...shooting guns

I have a friend on Facebook, N, that I've never met in real life. We're meant to be like best friends though. She is the wife of one of Seth's Army buddies from Ft. Drum. They live in Oregon now and will be at the wedding and that'll be the first time I meet them. I'm super excited!!

Anyways, she posted some pictures on Facebook of her shooting some guns. She was shooting an AK-47 and I commented that I've shot one too. She's a pretty girly girl and so am I, and in the pictures she's squinting, pretty intimidated by the gun and mostly the kick back of it. This is exactly how I do it when I shot too. Seth has a pistol (I don't know what kind other than it's black...haha...) and it has one hell of a kick. It's scary looking. I remember shooting with him the very first time. I was day 2 or 3 after we had met in person and here I was shooting huge guns with him and the guys in his family (his Marine brother, his dad, and his younger brother who loves guns too). Seth would explain to me about the gun before I was getting ready to shoot it, how I really need to hold it tight, and how it will or won't have a huge kick back...and when he says it does have a huge kick back, he's not exaggerating. And then I'll get in "position" and he always stands behind me for the first few times I shoot the gun. He puts his hands on my hips and makes sure I'm steady. He'll help me find the target and aim towards it and then once I know where I'm shooting, he'll remind me to take off the safety and then I'll be ready. It makes me feel extra safe when he does this and I love it. I shot a rifle of some sort (again, I don't know what kind) and he warned me of a huge kickback and that I need to put the butt of the gun (he definitely taught me that term) against my shoulder really tightly. I did it as tight as I could and then slowly pulled the trigger and holy crap that kick back made me do a little yelp and jump. Also a day later, a bruise showed up in the spot where the butt of the gun was. I admit, it made me feel like a little bad ass that I had a bruise from a gun. I proudly showed it off.

One of my favorite parts of going shooting is watching him clean them afterwards at home. There's just something soooo sexy about him cleaning such a powerful weapon and taking such good care of it.

(I chose this one because 1) he hates his picture being taken and 2) therefore it makes it funnier to me and 3) he's still sexy even with his massive and sexy hand covering his face) :)

(The penguin gloves make shooting a pistol totally bad ass).

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