Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something's up...

And I don't know exactly what it is. Yesterday was my turn to call Seth and have our Wednesday talk, and I called and called and called. I call around 10:15 pm his time and he didn't answer (turns out he was asleep and never heard his phone). I waited a few minutes in between calls, thinking he was just busy and couldn't answer it. We have like an unspoken agreement on phone calls...I'll call multiple times if he doesn't answer the first time, and vice versa. It's just easier that way because I can rely on him to call me back if I miss a call (which is really rare) and I don't have to wait a few minutes for my calling card to connect, when he's calling me back at the same time, then having to hang up both calls and starting over. Anyways, I haven't gotten an email from him in the last 2 days and we didn't talk on gmail at all yesterday and only talked for a few minutes today. He warned me he was in a "foul mood" today and said it was better if I didn't ask why. I asked him if I could call him tonight because we didn't get to talk yesterday and he said I could, but I could tell he was still in his foul mood and wasn't in the mood to talk. We only talked for 6 minutes and then I let him get back to bed. It was a weird call and kind of got me a little worried about him.

I have 2 suspicions which I won't mention on here because 1) they are only suspicions and 2) I know he wouldn't like me to put what I'm thinking on here. So I'll keep them to myself. Of course, I hope I'm wrong on both, but I really don't know what it is.

So Loveykins, if you read this, know that I'll listen when you want to talk and I love you. xxoo

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