Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Definitely A Monday

A stupid Monday at that.

I’m sleeping at my parents while I’m house/pet sitting next door to them, and I forgot to plan in time in my morning routine to go let their dogs out and feed their animals. So my hair looks like shit this morning and I’ve felt like a frazzled mess all day long. Our cat, Pancake, was annoying me and trying to climb up my leg while I was doing my hair. Once I rushed through my regular morning routine, I finally went next door to go let their dog out. I stepped out the front door and noticed that trash was littered ALL over the street. And of course it comes from the house that I’m house sitting. They had set their trashcan out by the road so that was one less thing for me to have to do. It was a nice gesture of them honestly. What wasn’t nice is that some punkass teenagers (probably) decided to tip the trash can over, littering trash down the road, and hauling the trashcan down the road, and eventually letting it go (I assume flying) into someone else’s mail box in the neighborhood, breaking the box part off the stand part. Since my morning was rushed to begin with, I cleaned up as much trash out of their front yard, and planned on doing the rest after work (fuck that noise, I wasn’t going to be late to pick up trash…I would have honestly picked it up after work). So there I was at 6:45 a-fucking-m cleaning up trash. Trash is bad enough to begin with, let alone someone else’s trash. I didn’t even see the trash can until I finally left for work, and then I called my mom and she kindly told me she would retrieve the trashcan and pick up the remaining junk from the rest of the street. She even called the trash company and ordered the neighbors a new trashcan because it was rickety and broken and she didn’t even know if it was going to make it back to their house. I still neglected to feed the fish in the morning because I just didn’t have time. I hope I remember to do it when I let the dog out tonight.

I work at a school district, and we don’t start school until September 7th. That’s still a whole friggin month away. Why are teachers so anxious to get back to school? I’ll never understand. I have one thing left to accomplish on my summer work to-do list, which involves mass amounts of shredding, and for a good 2 weeks earlier this summer, the shredding machine was broken. This has set me back quite a bit, and I don’t know if I’ll get it finished before school starts. By “massive amounts” I mean I have a TON of paper to shred…multiple huge boxes, courtesy of a school that sent it to me, when it was their responsibility to shred. Anyways, today was a rain day and no one’s at the beach, they must be dreaming about going back to school, so I got quite a few calls and emails on how and when they do this or that. Jimney Crickets relax people! Enjoy the last 4 weeks of summer.

I definitely don’t time to be blogging at work anymore. :(

The two good things about today though, is that Seth told me to look up the pretty luxurious hotel in a city north of us, and said that we should go there when he’s home for leave. I called them and got a few price quotes on the lux suites but not for the one room he specifically wanted. I emailed them about that room and now I’m waiting to hear how much it will be. Although it’s a good few months away, the thought of having a romantic weekend away from home with him super excites me. The other good thing is my computer is finally done and my coworker has removed the virus from it. Figures that I won’t even be at home to test it out and make sure things are working well on it for a whole week. Ugh. At least it’s done.

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