Monday, August 23, 2010


I watched a Hannah Montana episode last night. Actually I watched an episode of Good Luck Charlie (it was about her blankie getting lost, I could relate. I pretty much had to watch it). Ok, so anyways, I watch those shows (and some others on the Disney channel) when I'm babysitting...and sometimes when I'm home alone. So on a commercial break on Good Luck Charlie, there was a preview for a new episode of the Hannah Montana Forever series (I honestly don't know how that is different from Hannah Montana). It said it was a military episode so of course I had to watch it. Hannah was out on a picnic date with a guy named Jesse and they were getting ready to kiss and then his phone started ringing (and the ring tone was Hooah! Hooah! Hooah!) and he said he had to take the call and then he walked away from her for a little bit. She was getting pissed that he ditched her (after she ditched her dad of an afternoon of daddy-daughter time) so she was getting ready to leave. Just then, this Jesse guy hung up the phone and asked her where she was going and she started going off on him about how rude it was for him to take a phone call and just ignore her while they were on a date. He was like, "you don't understand..." and she interrupted him and said, "no YOU don't understand...." and then he says something like, "my dad is in Afghanistan. Whenever I get 5 minutes to talk to him, I'll stop whatever I'm doing just to talk to him." Then of course she felt like an asshole (rightly so).

When he said, "my dad is in Afghanistan" I got that weird chill thing all over my body and then started crying. Not that my dad is in the 'Stan, but obviously Seth is and that's just as hard to deal with. At the end of the episode, Hannah did a concert for what I'm guessing to be the kids of service members. There were a few sailors in the crowd, and in between her singing, there were showing real life families saying hi to their dad, mom, uncle who is currently overseas and they love them, miss them, are proud of them and can't wait till they are home. This too had me in tears. (Yesterday I cried a lot).

How true it is that if you're doing something, and he calls, you'll drop what you're doing and focus on the phone call, focus on him. The other weekend I was at my parents house and we had some family friends over. It was Sunday early afternoon and I was anticipating my call from Seth and I was asked to cut up some vegetables or something. I told them I couldn't help out at that moment because I was waiting for a phone call and my hands needed to be available. It's all about priorities.

So here's a link to the video. Fast forward to 4:23 and you'll see the part of the episode I'm talking about.

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