Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm the coolest babysitter ever!

So I'm babysitting right now. I love these kids. They are in early middle school and 9th grade (she has cerebal palsey) and they are the sweetest kids. The boy is going into 7the grade this year. He likes to chase me around the house with his lizards and freak the crap out of me. It works everytime too. Anyways, I just killed a fly with a fly swatter and I told the boy, "open your mouth, close your eyes, and I will give you a big SURPRISE!!!" Hahah then I put the fly swatter up to his mouth. Haha I rule. For the record I wouldn't have let him eat it if he tried, but I still would have dared him to. Now we're going to play a game and hopefully I'll win. He usually kicks my ass in board games.

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