Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Best Summer Story"

We had our first back to school department meeting this morning. On the agenda was to share our “best summer story.” To spare my coworkers how I really feel and how my summer really was, I just said nothing to report, and moved on to the next person.

BUT! But if I had really shared how my summer has gone, this is what I’d say (yes I was thinking of this the rest of the meeting):

My summer hasn’t been so fun. Seth is deployed, we talk about twice a week, I’ve been sad, lonely and feel like I’m going crazy most days. I think I've had more bad days than good days and I'm ready for this deployment to be over. I spent another birthday alone (yes he sent me flowers, but they're not the same as a real birthday date). I took ½ day vacation in the last 4 months and will not be taking any more vacation days until he comes home in WINTER. Yes, winter. Probably after Christmas. That’s a really long time from now, in case you don’t know. So, when I’m a mega-bitch and get pissed off at you and everyone else really easily, you’ll know why. You won’t understand it, but you’ll know.

With that, the meeting is adjourned. Happy back to school!

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