Friday, June 29, 2012

On Labor

The weird thing about being a first time mom going into labor is that you’re unsure. At least I am. Even though I’ve read up on all the signs online, we’ve talked about them in our centering classes, I’ve read about them in the books, my mom has lectured me, doctors have quizzed me…for me, it’s still: is THIS it?

Yesterday I had my 38 week (and 2 day) appointment. Seth and I were taking bets on if I was dilated at all; we both bet I wasn’t. Well well well, what do we know! I’m 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Seriously?!?! I was SHOCKED to hear that. We both were. Prior to getting my cervix checked, the doctor had asked if I wanted my membranes swept…I said heck no, because I’ve been told it’s painful and it’s not a guarantee that it’ll get labor started. Once the doctor said I was 3 cm/50% effaced, she asked again if I wanted them swept. Heck no again! I’m not ready to have him! I am, but I’m not. Now I’m having a mini panic attack. (Plus, I have a long list of things I need to accomplish this weekend!) I feel so unprepared for labor. I feel like I don’t know enough of what to expect. I’m sure part of it is that it’s the first time I’ve ever done this so I’m anxious for the unknown. Right now, as I type this, baby is moving around like crazy and it feels like he’s trying to bust loose, straight out of my belly button. I went pee less than an hour ago and there was a pink tinge to it and it was more mucousy (I’m sincerely sorry for the TMI!!!). What’s that a sign of? Yep, labor. Even though it may still be a few days away, I’m wondering if this is stage one. I’m not having any more contractions than I normally have…at least I don’t think I am. Right now, my brain is cloudy on all the stuff we’ve learned and read about and I’m just unsure.

Seth is ready for him now. Last night we were talking about me being 3 cm/50% effaced already and he said he was ready to meet his son now. I asked him if he was nervous and he said no, he is ready. I'm most nervous about the birth. Ok, and I'm nervous about bringing him home and how the dogs are going to react. 

So I’m continuing to work…and blog…because I’m not quite ready (mentally, emotionally, physically…) to push a baby out. Jimney Crickets.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pre-natal massage

I redeemed my pre-natal massage and facial last Saturday. Oh it was heavenly! The massage was great and felt sooo good. I woke up with both of my hips hurting that morning so it was perfect timing. I was on my stomach and she had a special pregnancy pad for with a hole for my belly. It was very relaxing. I’d never had a facial before and was a little apprehensive about it. I actually dozed off and on for the facial and was sad when it was over. The only thing I didn’t like during the facial was that I was supposed to lay on my back for the duration of it (90 minutes) and obviously that wasn’t possible. I kept having to turn over but I did enjoy laying there on my back for a few minutes. I cannot wait to sleep on my back again.

The nursery is done! Now we just have to do a little decorating. Pictures to come very very soon!

I have a question for you other soon to be moms out there: I’m sure you’ve heard the controversy on the whole bumper issue or not in a crib. Are you using a bumper in your crib? Just curious who is and who isn’t. I registered for one then learned of the controversy and the day I went to remove it from the registry, it had already been purchased! The family gave me a gift receipt for it and I feel bad for returning it, but I am. I’m going to take pictures of the crib with it and send it to the family and then return it. (Is that wrong?!) Plus, I actually like how the crib looks more without the bumper, and a lot of the animal cuteness on the bumper are hidden because we have a few solid crib slats in the middle of the front, so it hides a good portion of it.

I’m going to clean out my car and vacuum the dog hair out of it this weekend and then we’re installing the car seat. The baby’s bag is packed and I’ve made a list of things I want to take for myself, but a lot of what I need to take will be last minute items that can’t be packed ahead of time. I’ve started washing the cloth diapers (you have to wash them multiple times to get them to be full absorbency) so I’ve been doing a load a day.

We have friends coming next week to visit for a few days. We're going to the zoo and just hanging out. We haven't seen them since last April in Germany when the guys got back from Afghanistan. And it's our god-daughter, so we're very excited to see her. Hopefully I don't ruin things and go into labor while they're here!

Last night, I had a dream that I had the baby. Except it wasn't a newborn: it was a 5 year old, fully clothed (jeans and a striped t-shirt), talking, adopted Russian boy! He spoke English and while I birthed him, he was also adopted from Russia. It makes no sense. I think I'm anxious for my 38 week appointment this afternoon to see if I'm dilated at all. I have a fear that I'll go in there, they'll say I'm 5 cm dilated and they'll ask if I'm ready to have the baby today. I've seen it happen on TV and in the movies, so that means it can really happen!

Here’s a picture of me at 38 weeks and 1 day. One day soon, I'll post non-self bathroom pictures. I'm lame. 

(Also, I would like to proudly say, not that it's even noticeable, but the pants I'm wearing here are pre-pregnancy work pants! They are even buttoned in the picture! I don't know how they buttoned, but they did. They weren't that comfortable while I was sitting, but I wasn't wearing them for long).

Monday, June 18, 2012

Birth plans

I worked on writing my birth plan this weekend. I was following a guideline that the hospital provided to us with check boxes of what we want and don't want to consider adding to our birth plan. 

In the "episiotomy" section, Seth asked something (I can't remember what exactly) but the next thing I know, I'm google imaging "episiotomy."

Please, learn from my experience: do not, under any circumstances...pregnant, not pregnant or trying to conceive...whatever, DO NOT google image an episiotomy. Just don't. Take my word. 

Consider this your warning!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aches and pains of pregnancy

Off and on for the past two weeks or so, I've woken up with a really annoying pain in my hips. It's kind of like a shooting pain and it hurts with each step I take. My lower back has been hurting a lot too. Last week I was putting a warm bean bag on it throughout the day, but that didn't help it. Then I decided to try ice one morning when it was reallllly hurting. I think that helped it, because the next day or two, it didn't hurt nearly as much. As I type this, I've got an ice bag on my hip. I hope it helps today.

But really, I can't complain. I've made it this far (35 weeks today!!) with very little aches, pains, and nausea and a relatively easy, uncomplicated pregnancy. I've only gotten three stretch marks (that are bright red, one is right above my belly button and the other two are on each side of that one, almost symmetrical), and I don't have the dark line down the middle of my stomach like a lot of women get. I've only gained 5-7 lbs, depending on the scale I use and the time of day I weigh myself.

On the bright side, for Christmas, Seth got me a "blissful experience" spa package to a day spa in Seattle. I'm going to redeem the facial portion (90 minutes!!!) of it this weekend and the 90 minute prenatal massage in two weekends. They didn't have any massage openings this weekend, so I have to wait a little bit. I already can't wait. That will be about 2.5 weeks before my due date, so it will be much appreciated at that time. While we're in Seattle this weekend, we're going to a cloth diapering store and deciding what we need to buy for that.

I've been painting my own toenails this pregnancy...and I think that came to an end yesterday. I usually give myself manicures and pedicures during my "work day" since I work from home but yesterday it was prettty difficult. Thankfully Seth wasn't home so he couldn't see how ridiculous I look.

I spent last Sunday sorting, organizing and inventorying all the clothing items we have and what we still need. We only need basics, and it really isn't that much. I'm definitely in the nesting phase though. We have the boarder/trim to finish in the nursery and then we'll be done. I bought the laundry detergent to wash all his little clothes, but I forgot dryer sheets, so I haven't started that yet. Oh I can't wait to start folding his little baby clothes!!!!