Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Feelin' What You're Puttin' In Me!

Ok, that apparently is an Army saying that Seth has told me a time or two. (Actually the way he phrases it is, “do you feel what I’m putting in you?”) It always makes me laugh and think pervertedly. It’s awesome. I can easily make it fun to say back to him and tell him I can feel what he’s puttin’ in me. I’ll go no further on this topic. (Apparently it means that you understand what’s being said). I just said it to a friend and made myself laugh.

Onto wedding news…I signed up for and I get daily emails with fun recipes. I got one the other day for homemade vanilla extract. I love baking!! (Especially for Seth while he’s deployed). He also loves baking (he suggested we make our own wedding cake, but I had to tell him no because I don’t want that stress for myself. And by “we” he mostly meant me, because he will be coming from Germany (unless the Army has a different plan) who knows how much in advance of the wedding). Anyways, my sister likes homemade stuff (to make and to receive), and my mom loves vanilla scented stuff and we love baking. I sent the recipe to the three of them, and said this would be a cool Christmas gift. My mom took it a step further with the bright idea of making little bottles of vanilla extract as wedding favors!!! It’s such a grand idea! I can’t wait to execute it! I talked to Seth about it and he said he really likes the idea. My sister also suggested that we tie a little note to it that has a recipe on it. So here’s where the deployments come into play. I always make him homemade cookies and of course use vanilla. So I will do like 2-3 of his favorite cookie recipe cards for “Seth’s favorite deployment cookies.” Isn’t that the cutest idea ever?!

I like it for many reasons:

  • It is practical, first and foremost. I hate wedding favors that are impractical and get thrown out. I don’t want to waste my hard earned money on something for someone to just throw away.
  • It’s “us.” We both really enjoy baking. Yep, I said it: big-bad-tough-as-nails soldier boy enjoys baking. We He made a checkerboard cake while he was home last Christmas, and while we were decorating it, he actually took the frosting bag out of my hand and said, “here, let me show you how to do this.” Haha OK let me get my camera!! He really is a good baker though… and he enjoys eating my deliciously baked goods.
  • It’s fun.
  • It’s unique.
  • It’s homemade.
Also in wedding news, over the weekend when I was working on wedding stuff, I came to this conclusion. Our grooms men will be coming from the following states/countries: Groom: Germany; Best man: Oregon; Groomsmen: Michigan (where we live), South Carolina, Illinois, and California. This ought to be a fun task of coordinating everyone’s suit and the bachelor party! Glad I’m not involved in that!!

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