Sunday, August 22, 2010

Skype Date!

We're about to have our first Skype Date!! I hope it works OK. I have to go get dressed and put on a little make up so I look nice for our date! (I'm still in my pajamas and haven't showered yet). I haven't seen him since March 9th!!! I have to look cute! He just left for a shower, so I have about 20 minutes to get my make-up done and get all cute for him!!

Going now!!!!

Update: If I had balls, Skype could suck them. We attempted to Skype, it wasn't working, he says for one reason, I say for another, we both got pissed off at each other and that was that. I was soooooo looking forward to seeing him and now I'm just pissed off. Right now I can't stop crying.

1 comment:

  1. Oh hun! I have BEEN there MANY times, honestly I just give up on skype's too stupid most days to be worth the upset