Saturday, August 7, 2010

House/pet sitting, spiders and another care package

I am house/pet sitting for a family I babysit for, for the next 7.5 days. I'm really not looking forward to it, but I'm doing it to afford my wedding shoes. That's bad to say, but it's sorta true. They have lots of pets, and I get itchy and my eyes get watery when I spend a long time there. Luckily (actually I don't know if this is lucky or not), they live right next door to my parents, so I'll actually be spending the night at my parents house, and hanging out and going for walks with the animals here and there. I love my parents and all, but I will be so over seeing them by the time the week is over. I'm somewhat dreading it. Parental overload for sureeeeee.

I should really be packing up my stuff right now, but as you can clearly see, I'm not too excited about it so therefore I'm procrastinating. I'm even watching Police Women of Memphis on TLC. I also keep watching a hugeass nasty spider on my balcony screen door. I keep thinking about killing it, but it's rather large and it has pinchers I'm pretty sure. (It's trapped between the glass slider door, and the screen door, so it can't get me right now). It looks to me to be a baby tarantula. It looks furry. I'm no spider expert, but I'm sure it could pass for one. I'm contemplating killing it to death with a shoe, but since it's rather large, I'll have to press pretty hard on my screen door and I don't want to break my hand through it. I don't know if that's even possible, but I don't want to find out. I wouldn't worry too much about this, except I want to spray the bees or wasps or whatever are now building another stupid nest on my balcony railing. I don't want to let this sit for the next week while I'm gone. Lord knows how big the hive will be by then. I'm wondering if I could vacuum up the spider, but then I also think that won't actually kill the spider, which is my ultimate goal, and the spider will eventually crawl out of the vacuum, which brings me back to square one. I would SO make Seth be the killer of spiders and sprayer of the bees of the household, but in his absence, I need to grow some balls, suck it up and kill the damn thing if I'm afraid of it. It's what he'd want me to do anyways. It's just that this one is bigger than other ones I've seen.

On the bright side, I went to the post office and mailed Seth some care packages again. This time, I got another newish lady. It always amazes me that with how often I go in there, they've recently just begun asking me about Seth a little bit. I've been going to the same post office for over 2.5 years and for the most part, it's been the same staff members. This lady, Deanna, was pretty nice. She was talking to me about "support groups" (for lack of a better word) for military spouses in our area, which I have yet to find, and how there is an older lady who comes in very frequently and her church collects and donates stuff to military members. Deanna said she would try to ask the lady if she knows of support groups in our area. Deanna also asked if I needed more boxes, and I told her I had plenty of home, and she said that I could get the special, "America Supports You" flat rate boxes that aren't just out for taking. I guess they have to be specially asked for. So she hauled out a huge box with 25 large flat rate boxes!! She gave me the whole box! I'm so excited for this. She thanked me for Seth's service too. She said that when she was younger, she dated a guy in the military and he was in Vietnam and she said it makes her teary eyed (which I could see in her eyes) when she remembered sending him care packages, and being separated from him. So, I like her. Tis what my life consists of.

I'm going to kill the stupid spider now and then start packing I suppose. Time to get my ass in gear.

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