Thursday, March 29, 2012

Updates and stuff

A quick update on the house: they apparently found the issue with the wet insulation. It was with the siding; there was a small tear in some sheeth (plastic stuff used for keeping water out) under the actual siding that water was leaking in through. With all the rain we have, and the wind we had the last few weeks, it was seeping in from every which way the rain was blowing. They tore siding down off the house, caulked the tears, replaced the siding and it was re-painted yesterday. The holes are still above our master bedroom window and those are supposed to get fixed next Monday. They referred to this as a "freak accident" and said they've never seen this before. I hope they're right, because I'll be pissed if we find more of these issues. And unfortunately, they can't do anything to check to see if this is a problem elsewhere without tearing off the siding on the entire house. The little device they use to check moisture levels didn't even pick up the soaking wet insulation the first day they were here because it was so far back in the wall. So now we just wait and see...and hope to God that dark patches don't start appearing on the walls (that's a sign of water damage soaking through). Luckily though, they are considering this a warranty issue and we don't have have to pay for this and is covered in the 10 year warranty. So IF we should find more of these issues, it will be covered as a structural issue for the next 10 years. But lets hope we don't have anymore issues.

In other house news, we've been having problems with a circuit tripping. I work from home and have to have a good set up for work. Long story short, when the printer is plugged in and turned on, if the upstairs guest bathroom light is turned on, it trips the circuit and kills the power to my office (losing any of my unsaved work!!!) and electricity in the bathroom. I thought I noticed that it happened when I flush the toilet in that bathroom, but toilets aren't connected to the electric, so I thought it was just a weird coincident that it happened twice. Well it happened again yesterday and I am absolutely positive it happened after I flushed the toilet. A guy came out here on Tuesday to look at it and replaced the breaker box, but that didn't fix it. So I'll be calling them again after I do some more testing this weekend. Oy vey.

In GOOD news, tomorrow is a chili cook off for Seth's battalion and I'm making a white chicken chili! My dad made this chili once for a chili cook off at work and he won, so I'm hoping it has winning powers and I win tomorrow. Seth has been getting into making cutting boards and has been making a lot of them for family and selling them to co-workers, and the prizes are his cutting boards. Last I heard, there were 6 entries for the chili cook off and there are prizes for the top 3 chili. I so badly want to win - because I never win ANYTHING!!! - but I can get a custom made cutting board any day of the week! (If you want a custom cutting board, let me know and I'll send you pictures!!!) There is also a silent auction for donated baked goods for a formal that's taking place in August after the deployment is over. I'm baking cookies and also these lemon blueberry cupcakes!!! Oh they look so heavenly!

Tomorrow is the start of spring break and I can't wait. I have a long list of items to accomplish before my parents come up here next week and I'll definitely be using the extra day to do it. I'm so excited for a break from work!!! I hope the weather is decent!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On being homeowners

We're homeowners now. I've had better experiences. We bought this brand new house so it should be in tip top shape with no problems, right? Wrong.

Friday, Seth was over here doing stuff while I was at the old house working. He came home (to the old house) and told me he had some not so great news. He was putting an anchor in the wall to hang the blinds in our bedroom and the anchor came out slimy. He knew that meant wet insulation. Great. Wet insulation on the insides of our walls. Hello Holmes on Homes!!! So I've been dealing with that. Yesterday they were here for a good hour, today they've been back for pretty much the whole morning. It also annoys me big time that I was told they'd get here yesterday between 9:30 and 10:30 am. They come strolling up to my door at about 8:45ish. I was working, so I hadn't showered yet, no make up, no bra, teeth unbrushed. Great. As much as I want this fixed ASAP, I want them to give me accurate times of when they'll be here. Same thing today. A guy was going to come today to inspect the roof for leaks between 9:30 and 10:30 and the boss lady was going to be here between 10:30 and 11 to see what he found. She got here at about 8:30. I was in the bathroom, shower was on, I was naked and Patrick starts barking his little head off. Grrr. I threw on clothes, answered the door and she asked if it was OK if they looked at it now. Sure, why not. So...two ish hours later, bigger holes in the dry wall in our bedroom, she finds more soaking wet insulation, roofer checked out the roof and says nothing is wrong with it, he checks the attic and checks all the vents...all look fine and dandy. She was going to call a siding specialist to have him check the siding and said that would be done tomorrow. Seth had duty last night and was up 30+ hours and laid down in our room to sleep because she said the siding guy would be here tomorrow. About 30 minutes after he goes to bed, there's a knock on the door and it's her again with the siding guy. Seriously? Seth got up and went to the spare bedroom to sleep and there are no curtains in there yet and it's bright as hell in there. Poor guy. No leaks have been found (yet) and they're continuing to look for where the problem is coming from. I'll be damned if I have mold growing on the insides of our walls in a brand new house. Here's a picture of what our master bedroom window looked like this afternoon after they did their stuff. The wet insulation has been removed (and has been contained to this one area) and now the wood is drying out behind it.

Patrick LOVES the backyard though! He literally gets a huge smile (with his huge underbite) when he runs all around. There is a ton of mulch in the backyard and he tears it up back there. And since he's short, he kicks it up and he is covered in mulch in no time. And we have big gaps under the fence so he can easily sneak out (which he's done), so we can't leave him alone in the backyard yet. We bought chicken wire stuff to lay across the bottom of the fence, but he's a digger and has already sniffed out the neighbor dog and they both whine and stick their noses through the fence to smell each other. We were going to do railroad ties along the fence to block the holes, but they're expensive and we'd need quite a few. And it's been cold and very rainy and windy the last few days which make standing in the backyard while he runs around quite miserable. We need to do something with the amount of mulch too; it's on a steep slant that is a little too steep to grow grass (and mow it), so we want to put in terraces, but again, we're budgeting for this, along with all the baby stuff we need to buy.

We ordered blinds Friday night and I'm hoping they get here ASAP. My parents are coming up for spring break in early April. The blinds are supposed to get here on April 5th and my parents will be here April 4th. And they don't rush order blind orders. Perfect. Hello tacky sheets in the window until the real stuff gets here. Painting is done, but we still have touch ups to do (and the baby's room), and all of our stuff has been moved in. We still have to go back to the old house and clean it, which we're doing a few nights this week and this weekend.

So needless to say...being a home owner is time consuming and expensive. Welcome to adult hood, I guess.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feeling the baby move

The baby has been moving all over my uterus. It’s pretty crazy. The other night, I was lying in bed with my hands on my stomach seeing if I could feel him move from the outside. I thought I felt him move but wasn’t sure so I waited a few more times of feeling it before waking Seth up to share the excitement with him. (He had duty the night before so he passed out in bed really early). He didn’t wake up when I said his name, so I let him sleep. Then a little while later, I turned off the TV and he woke up and I told him I felt the baby move on the outside. He put his hands on my stomach to try to feel but baby wasn’t into moving and Seth fell back to sleep. He’s felt it quite a few times since then and it’s so cute to see him! We’ll be watching TV and put his hand on my stomach and when I feel the baby move, I’ll ask him if he felt it. He says, “is that him!?!?”  It’s really cute how excited he gets.

One night last week we had tacos for dinner and I made homemade guacamole. Baby sure did like it because he was all over the place shortly after I got done eating!! I had leftovers the following day for lunch with guacamole again, to see if it would have the same effect and sure enough, it did!! He was really active for a solid amount of time. Too bad Seth was at work though!

Yesterday when Seth got up for work, I kinda woke up. He said to me, “is he awake right now?” and put his hands on my stomach to see if he could feel him. Baby still isn’t big enough that the movements wake me up, so I don’t know if the baby was awake at that time or not. Sometimes when Seth gets home from work, he’ll shake and blow on my stomach and tell the baby to “wake up!! Hang out with us!!” I keep telling him he needs to NOT waking a sleeping baby; that’s parenting 101!! But he’s just excited to feel his baby boy and I can understand that!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Side Effects of Pregnancy

For the most part, this has gone pretty smooth and easy. I’ve only actually thrown up a handful of times (although each and every time, I cry and hate it…throwing up is just gross, regardless of the circumstances) but I did have a lot of nausea the first trimester. I constantly felt like I was going to throw up, but rarely did. And for that, I was extremely thankful. I have a friend who had to go on medication her entire pregnancy because she couldn’t keep a single thing down. No thank you!

Besides the nausea being the most common side effect, here are the other side effects I’ve been experiencing.

Constipation. By far the worst side effect. Enough said.

When I brush my teeth and tongue, I often gag. This has gotten better since starting the second trimester, but throwing up was easily triggered when I brushed my tongue. I had to proceed with lots of caution and I’m glad that I can brush it like normal again!!

Sometimes when I brush my teeth, my gums bleed. It’s mostly when I floss though.
Constantly peeing. I’ve always had a small bladder, but I definitely go more frequently now. I currently get up twice each night…I can’t wait to see how much more frequently I get up at the end of this pregnancy!

Craving wise, I haven’t had any of the weird food cravings people talk about. Just strong urges for normal things more often. I can’t drink enough milk and so I have to limit myself. Did you know pregnant women are supposed to drink 2 GALLONS of water each day? That’s literally impossible for me. I have a 32 oz Nalgene bottle that I use to keep track of how much I drink. I struggle to drink a whole one a day. I’m a really slow drinker (I was never good at doing shots!!) and I’m just not a thirsty person in general. If I craved water as much as I crave milk, I’d be doing great. I try to allow myself to only drink milk twice a day, and usually it’s only a glass. I make myself drink water the rest of the time, but it’s just not as good. I also love cheese. String cheese to be exact. And Cheese-Its. (Although, I haven’t bought a box of these in a few weeks!) Favorite fruit is apples (with peanut butter) or strawberries.

I’ve really really been liking sugary, fruity, sour candies.  Sour gummy worms? My BFFs. Skittles? I want to be BFFs with them too. Gummy worms or bears in general will do too. I don’t really buy these, but when I do get the occasional pack, I try to savor them. Ok, let’s be honest. In reality, I devour them.

On that note, I'm 22 weeks today :)