Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday date night!

Yeah, in my dreams. It's like the perfect temperature outside right now to have the perfect late summer outside date. In my dreams, this is how Seth and I would spend tonight:

We'd drive to the lake shore and walk around the cute little shops and we'd be holding hands and being all in love. We'd stop at the gourmet dog shop and get our dog (that we don't have) some fancy treats. Then we'd walk to Clementine's for dinner and have a nice meal and have a drink after a long week. (Clementine's is where we had lunch after we got engaged). I'd leave the last few bites for him, because I always do. He'd offer and then feed me a bite of his because he's a really good share-er. We'd walk out of there all drunk on love, holding hands again, walking to the pier to watch the sunset over the lake. We'd sit on the pier and dangle our feet into the water and his arm would be around me and my head would be rested on his shoulder. I'd realize it was unsafe for us to dangle our feet in the water and I'd tell him we should stand up because a big wave could get us, and he'd tell me to stop being crazy and to just relax. I'd trust him (and hang on tight...if I'm being swept away, I'm bringing him with me!) and so we'd continue to dangle our feet in the water and we wouldn't talk, we'd be off in our own little worlds, yet together, watching the boats and the sunset. This is the sunset we'd watch together in silence:

Then we'd slowly walk back down the pier and past the other lovers and he'd ask if we should stop and get ice cream. I'd tell him no, we don't need ice cream, and we'd keep walking to the car. (I said this was my dream, so I can turn down ice cream in my dreams if I want to. Real life is different!) We'd get home and we'd watch a movie and have a glass bottle of wine and he'd be running his hands through my hair, which I'm laying on his lap. I'd fall asleep with my head on his lap and he'd finish my wine so we don't waste it. He'd wake me up and tell me it's time for bed. We'd crawl into bed and he'd lay his arm out on my pillow, and I'd roll my head onto it and then tuck my head in his armpit (weird, I know...) and he'd wrap his arm around me and off to sleep we'd go and I'd be glad this didn't get us while we were dangling our feet off the pier:

Maybe next summer my dream will come true.

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  1. That sounds like an awesome date!

    Glad you found my blog- I'll be following yours! :)