Saturday, August 28, 2010

I can't stop shopping

A week or so ago, Seth was looking online for some running socks. He sent me the link to some he liked that he was looking at on and I asked if he wanted me to buy him some. He said sure, and I got the specifics on what kind he wanted and was allowed for PT. I went to MC Sports, which is a chain and figured I'd have some luck getting running socks. I did find a few pairs that were "no show" which he requested. There were only 3 pairs in the Nike so I got another brand because I knew he'd want more than just 3 pairs. Long story short....turns out they weren't what he wanted, so I said I'd return them and go to another store to look for some. I went to 3 different stores tonight at the mall...Finish Line, Champs and Foot locker...which are all sports/shoe stores that I thought would for sure have some running socks. None of them had "RUNNING SOCKS" which I was instructed to get. So I'm a little annoyed that I can't find any socks that he wants. Who would have thought it was this hard? I think I'm giving up looking in stores and I'll just order him the ones he linked me to on Then I'll know for sure I'm getting the right thing. Jeez louise!!

On a positive note, I did stop at The Limited and bought a work top. (On another positive note, they were running a 15% off deal for teachers and students, so I saved 15%!) Not that I really needed it but holy crap I have been a shopaholic lately. I don't know why, but I can walk into a store and think I need to purchase 203984029 things. I found like 10 tops/sweaters in the latest Victoria Secret catalog that I want. I added them up and it was $256. I'm going to have to figure that one way in hell am I spending that much. I may or may not have spent that much last weekend anyways. Whooops. Shopping has been really therapeutic lately. I do buy things for Seth though, so it's not all about me.

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