Monday, August 2, 2010

It's August. Holy Crap.

I’m excited for this week. Mostly I’m excited for Friday though. Here’s what I’m doing this week:

  • Going to World Market to get fresh vanilla beans so I can start brewing the vanilla extract with the vodka I bought yesterday.
  • Dropping off my favorite pair of black heels to get fixed so I can wear them again come fall.
  • Go shopping for Seth and get him some mouse traps. He specifically requested the “snappy” kinds, not the glue/sticky kinds.
  • Mail out care package with above item, and other things. Maybe some cookies for his friend. We’ll see.

And last but certainly not least, on Friday, I’m going to take a half day and go to the wedding ceremony/reception site in the afternoon! I have long time family friends coming into town and they really want to see the location, so we’re going to do a little shopping in the afternoon and then head to the site. It turns out that there is a 3:00 rehearsal on Friday afternoon, so I’m excited to silently stalk that from afar! I’m always open to ideas.

Also throw in a few times at the gym, a few hours at the pool. Oh, I also begin house sitting on Saturday, so that’ll be some extra money in my pocket for the wedding. Specifically it will be spent on wedding shoes.

Deployment donut says 33% today!! Slowly but surely...

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