Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The FRG is meeting today to make homecoming signs. I really wish I could be a part of it. My friend Amy is going and I’m jealous. I so badly wish I were in Germany right now. It would eliminate a lot of frustration for me.

There are some days when I wish I didn’t have a job. I could hop on a plane and go to Germany for homecoming, and again for block leave, to visit Seth. Hell, maybe I would even live there. I wish I didn’t have to worry about having only X amount of vacation days, hoping and praying to God that they get back when they say they will, and aren’t be delayed and I’m not in Germany “using” my vacation days all alone. But for the rest of the deployment, I would go crazy without a job to keep me busy while he’s away.

I wish I had answers... and some extra money wouldn't be bad. Not a lot really, just you know, a couple hundred.

And for your viewing pleasure:

I can't believe that it's getting close. This deployment has seemed NEVER ENDING at times, but it's getting there. THIS is the first time I published my donut...oh my how it has come since then :)


  1. i remember that f'in doughnut post. Hang in there my love. 15% more to go and it's down hill from there. :)

  2. Agree times one million. It's so hard to be a working MilSpouse. People always say to me, "Oh so you're taking off when he gets home!?" And my response is, "No. I'll be saving my days for block leave or for all of the weddings we have to go to this year." Woe is me. I just want to be with my husband. You know, after a year apart?? I think there is such a thing that employers are required to give MilSpouses PTO when their spouse returns from a deployment. I should look into this...

    But this whole thing is a double-edged sword. I sometimes think that if had no job my home life would be so much easier, but then I'm reminded of those 4 months when I couldn't find a job (not even Starbucks would hire me). I don't like chores, I don't like feeling obligated to "have dinner on the table," and I don't like not being a contributer (slash equal opportunity spender). My job made time go by quickly this year, so it's worth not being able to take time off. I guess...

    Hang in there!

  3. Woo hoo, you're getting so close to the end! It's all downhill from here. :)