Friday, February 4, 2011

Wisdom teeth...or lackthereof

Right this very minute, I’ve got an IV stabbed into my arm, I’m slowly on my way to being knocked out completely and all four of my wisdom teeth are being yanked out of my mouth. Sounds pleasant, right?? Yeah, I’m not excited either and I’ve actually been stressing about it for a few days now, especially after seeing these pictures:

(I added my high heels and lipstick here...and made me into a girl!)

(I hope I look this cute!)
(here's my wannabe doctor. imagine that's me in the patient chair, not some random dude)

(this will be how I recover...with my parent's cat on my lap...except, again, I'll be a girl and the cat will be way cuter)

(this is just awesome...because it's totally from the 80's!! I hope to have a picnic table cloth wrapped ice pack wrapped around my face for a few days. I can only strive to be this cool)

(all picture credits go to google images....)

*Yes, this is a scheduled post :)


  1. To be 100% honest, I NEVER had any pain after my wisdom teeth surgery. I even stopped taking the pain medication on the 2nd day!

  2. I hope it went well and you have a quick, painless recovery!