Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

It’s 150 days away!! :)

I have a few things accomplished from my to-do list from last week:
Ok, I wish I would have gotten a little more than that done in the last week. Crap. But, I did make a lot of progress on our wedding website, but pictures have to be uploaded one at a time (after I spent a good 30 minutes picking out our 20 best pictures, I learned this when the page said it failed to upload the pictures). So that was really annoying and I was frustrated, so I stopped for the day and I’ve only managed to upload one other one since then. I have the rest of it mostly done, I just have to copy/paste the stuff onto the website. I worked on it/typed it all up a while ago, and put it all in a Word doc, because I was waiting to ask one of the girls if she’ll be a bridesmaid, so I’d say I’m like 90% done with this.

And about the flowers…Bekah and Laura were supposed to come over last night, but that didn’t work out. I was looking forward to it, and was semi-annoyed when they both cancelled. They both claim next week is better for them, so we’ll see. The flower shop is only open until 3 PM on week days, until noon on Saturday’s and it’s closed on Sundays. That severly limits when we can go, since we both work during the week, and it’s about an hour away. So that one will be an interesting trip to plan.

But, in my defense, my sister has been living with me for the past few weeks and I’ve not done a lot of the stuff I could normally accomplish because we’ve been hanging out and working on vajournals. She’ll be going back to Oregon in about 3 weeks and then I’ll be back into the swing of things.

It would be really convenient for Seth to be here right now so we could plan these things together. He would keep me on track and focused on getting this stuff done, and he would be able to help out. Instead, we have to email back and forth, which just delays things even more. (You would think that knowing that, that would get me in gear for getting things accomplished sooner rather than later. Unfortuatnely, that is not the case. I don't know what my problem is). said we need to figure out our groomsmens’ tuxes this month, which is more of his part to coordinate, I think, but I'll be doing that too.

Is this deployment over yet?


  1. i love that your counting down the days! :)

  2. Every night during our skype chats I list off all of the wedding things that need to be done. Then Eric asks if he can do anything, which a) he can't do because he's not in Wisconsin and b) he can't do because he's a man haha. Then the next night I repeat the exact same list because I haven't gotten anything done. I'm just ready for the wedding to be here, which I know you must be too!