Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm a creeper too, apparently

Seth read my blog yesterday, shortly after I posted it and I called him a creeper for reading it so shortly after I posted it. I assumed he checked my blog every few days (hey, maybe he does, and Sunday was his checking day... I really don't know). Anyways, he said I was the creeper because I haven't washed all of his clothes yet and I still smell them. Yes, I even put them away in the closet, unwashed. He doesn't think it's "normal" for me to smell his clothes when I miss him. He just thinks it's weird. I tried to explain to him it's a normal thing (he said next time he gets ready to leave, he's going to put all of his laundry into the washer, so I can't creep and smell them after he leaves. I know he won't do this, because he won't do laundry unless his life depends on it!!!). So, girls, if you could just reiterate the fact that I am normal, and it's normal for me to not wash his clothes, put his razor away, leave his shoes by the door, I would greatly appreciate it.

He did end his email to me last night by saying this: "...I don't mind that you're a creeper though, I think it's a little odd, but I love you so it's alright."

All that matters, really, is that he loves me and accepts my creeper tendencies.


  1. Ha! This is so funny. My husband doesn't really know about my blog. He does, but he doesn't. You are totally normal! I slept in my husband's shirts when he was away and even after washing them, they still smelled like him. Or it may have been my imaginiation, but they did!

  2. Haha Eric left his entire laundry bag (with lots of clothes in it) home when he went back to GA after the holidays. I'm going down to visit him soon so I stopped by his house so I could bring them down with me. While we were skyping I went through the bag with him so I could pick a few items to bring with that he needed since I discovered there was no way I was fitting all of that into my suitcase. His mom washed all of them but they still smelt like "him". He told me to wear his PT shirt to bed, and I did, but after a few nights I started wearing a different shirt. I haven't washed it though and it stays in bed with me every night. So by no means are you a creep at all! And sorry this turned into a huge book haha

  3. my husband finds it flattering so yes you are in fact NORMAL! just tell him to get over it ;)