Friday, July 23, 2010


Guess what I did today!! Finally. I FINALLY got ahold of Seth! I was able to call HIM!! I've not had any luck with this since he deployed. For almost 4 months, I have had to wait patiently for him to call me. Not so anymore! He bought me this one calling card when he was in Iraq because it was fairly cheap. I've used it since 2008, and it's worked perfectly. I've never had problems calling before, until this deployment. I looked online to find the country code and this and that and dialed everything and nothing ever worked. I tried a few different numbers, with and without 93 (which is the country code for Afghanistan) and it never ever connected. So I basically just gave up. I was looking on my Verizon phone bill yesterday and noticed that his phone number was listed differently. We were talking on gmail this morning and I told him I wanted to try it. I made sure his phone was right by him and on. I tried a few different numbers, like what was on my Verizon bill and then with and without the 93 and it didn't connect. Then he told me to try a number and my phone card said I had 73 minutes and sure enough, I got that international call weird ring tone. I got realllly excited and then he picked up!!!!! I was so excited! I said to him, "OMG IT WORKED!!!" my coworker in the next cube said, "what worked?" She didn't realize I was on the phone. We only talked for 5 minutes and I asked him if there are limits on when I should and shouldn't call, and how often I can call. He said I can call whenever. I think we'll still keep it to a minimum because it will still be pretty expensive to talk, but it's better than me just having to wait patiently for him to call! The number he gave me, I am postive that I tried it before, but I'm guessing he had his phone off at the time, so it didn't connect. That's what it'd do in Iraq, but I thought it just wasn't working. Now I know for sure it works, and I am soooo excited!!!! Even 5 minutes a day to hear his voice will be SOOOO much better than talking to him once or twice a week. The next 70% of this deployment is going to be much more enjoyable now!!!

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