Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding song

When you got married, did you walk down the aisle to the traditional wedding march song? Or did you walk down to a different song? If so, what is it?

I'll be walking down the aisle in 140 days to this song!! Chantel Kreviazuk's Feels Like Home. The moment I first heard this song, I knew it'd be the song I'd walk down the aisle to. (For the record though, I had always been one of those girls that wanted the traditional wedding march. Not so anymore and I couldn't be anymore excited for it!!).


  1. We still have some time for our wedding, but I think we are doing it the Traditional way, to tell you the truth we haven't talked much about that, it's maybe the last thing on our list, lol.

    BTW that is a nice song.

  2. I walked down the aisle to Grow Old Along With Me By Mary Chapin Carpenter:) It was perfect for us! I really like your choice too...great song!

  3. I really like that song! We had very traditional music for our wedding. I walked down to the bridal march, but I had it only on the piano. Not the organ. We had a fun song to walk back down the aisle, Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder.

  4. This is a terrific song, even though it's not "traditional". :) Love it!!!!!

  5. Its your wedding, and you should "march" to whatever will make your heart happy.
    ps. I left you an award