Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day care package

Seth got his Valentine’s Day packages a few days early...and has already opened them. He called me yesterday and said that he got them. For Halloween and Christmas, I painted the innards of the boxes to make them more festive. I intended to do it with the Valentine’s Day box too, but was so pressed for time, I just didn’t have time. I still liked the contents, but I wish I could have made it all cute too. Oh well.

In his Valentine’s Day care package, I made these cute little cookies from Amanda’s blog.

They were pretty time consuming, but thankfully a snowday came at just the right time and I used that day wisely. They turned out pretty good, but I thought the chocolate cookies were a little dry and hard. Seth said they were good though, and that is all that matters. He said that he and a buddy ate a lot of them that day. I also included a guy-ish little photo book made out of folded paper lunch bags. I put all sorts of pictures from R&R. I should have taken a picture of it; I really liked how it turned out. I didn’t use fancy pages or backgrounds or stickers or embellishments, I just wrote a few little lovey things on each page or decorated it with a Sharpie marker. Nothing fancy, but (I hope) easier for him to have a little book with pictures than random pictures to keep track of. I also included 4 jars of canned blueberries (which he probably enjoyed more than anything else in the package) that my mom and I canned during the fall. Seth LOVES blueberries. He tells me he sits down with a jar and a spoon and just devours the whole thing. Sometimes he’ll offer some to a friend, but they usually decline the offer. I can just picture him sitting on his bed with this pint of blueberries and a spoon…and happy. :)

These are pictures when the canning of blueberries was taking place.

Lots of blueberries!!

(I put my finger tips in the blueberry juice and then wrote his name. (I may have also put my whole hand in the berry juice and made hand turkeys). That's supposed to be a heart above his name, but for some reason, it was difficult and looks dumb. Oh well.)

Also, as a related side note: after we started talking, but before we met in person, somehow we were talking about Valentine’s day. I said to him, “oh man, next year, Valentine’s Day is going to be on Friday the 13th!! That sucks!” He sweetly reminded me, “umm, Valentine’s Day is on the 14th each year, so it will never be on Friday the 13th.” Haha, oops, blonde moment. He managed to look past that little stupid moment I had and loved me anyways :)

For fun, here are the boxes that I have painted. Dang it, Valentine's day would have been so fun to paint!!!

Halloween. I made little 'ghosts' out of tootsie pops and kleenex. And I drew a face on each one. Call me cheesy. Once soldier (not Seth) who was lucky enough to eat one thanked me for them :)

Christmas #1

Christmas #2

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  1. How cute! I am not looking forward to this deployment, but I am looking forward to making care packages, if that makes sense. :)