Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who am I?!?

I figure I should reveal a little about myself so you can know who you’re dealing with. Not that we’re really “dealing” with each other, but you know, a little history of who writes this sometimes crazy crap.

In no particular order…(except the first bulleted item on the "I love" list...loving him is better than all the other "loves" put together).

I love:
  • My soldier :)
  • The Army
  • Shopping, specifically for shoes
  • Planning our amazing wedding
  • Traveling, specifically to Germany and Alaska
  • Foreign cars (for the record, just because I prefer foreign cars and feel they are built better than American cars, this does not make me any less “American” than people that only buy American cars. I’m sorry that certain American cars don’t run nearly as long as foreign cars; furthermore, I’m sorry you’ve not realized this and you’ll probably go through 2-3 American cars before I get my second foreign car).
  • Baking
  • Computers
  • Texting
  • Coloring Easter eggs
  • iTunes radio
  • Making care packages
  • Countdowns
  • Family
  • Writing queries (most of the time)
  • Pun jokes!
  • Phone calls from my future husband that wake me up on weekend mornings when we’re apart
  • Target
  • Organization and order
  • Working out (except when a deployment first starts, then I don’t love this, but I eventually get back into my routine)
  • Camping and being outdoors
  • The Newlywed Game Show with Carnie Wilson
  • Reading other blogs
  • Cold coffee
  • Whales
  • Taking pictures
  • Baby marine animals
  • Holidays
  • Long island iced tea

I Dislike:

  • Deployments
  • The current economy
  • The Army – yes, this is on both the love/dislike list.
  • Planning our wedding….all by myself.
  • When it’s barely raining and windshield wipers are on full speed
  • That I’m really good at procrastination
  • When you’re in the car with someone and all they do is talk on their cell phones. Or more importantly, when they YELL on their cell phone no matter where they are at
  • Annoying ring tones
  • Spiders and bugs
  • Cupboard doors left open
    Dirty windows (yes, this includes dirty glasses, the kind that give me 4 eyes…the kind I wear on my face)
  • Dirty mirrors
  • The oil spill in the Gulf
  • Being apart, on the military’s time schedule, not our own
  • People who are younger than me and feel like they can tell me what to do
  • Self absorbed people
  • That I swear so much
  • Holidays that we are forced to spend apart, courtesy of the Army
  • Construction that is currently taking place at work and vibrating steamrollers

I can’t wait to:

  • Get married to the love of my life! Only one year and 14 days to go!!!
  • Go back “home” to Germany and welcome my soldier “home” after a long 12 months in The ‘Stan
  • Experience military life to the fullest. As of right now, I’ll say I’m excited for our first PCS. Disclaimer: that excitement will probably fade once he gets our orders and we dislike our new duty station. But for now, I am excited
  • Have little babies with my soon to be husband. He will be the best daddy ever and I can’t wait!!
  • Grow old with him
  • Finish planning our wedding and see the final outcome
  • Hear the news that my soldier has been promoted. It will be next month or the following month
  • Spend our first 4th of July together and watch fireworks. On the beach. Eventually with our kids. (This is still a good 2 years away).

According to my soon to be husband, these are just a few of the reasons he wants to marry me:

  • I’m funny and nice
  • I’m quirky, like him
  • We have similar life plans, such as kids and goals
  • I have nice boobs
  • He loves being with me, even when doing nothing in particular
  • I like doing outside stuff, going camping, going boating, canoeing
  • I’m not a bitch, and I never will be
  • I’m a genuine, good person
  • I like to snuggle up at night with a glass of wine and watch a movie (a.k.a. sleep) on the couch
  • I like to dream of the future…with him
  • I’ll be a good mom

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