Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Babysitting a kitty

My mom asked if I could “babysit” their new kitty this weekend. At my apartment. By myself. Me alone with a cat for 2 whole days. YIKES! They are going camping and she said Pancake (yeah, that’s the kitty’s name) is too young to stay alone for 2 whole days. Background: I have a slightly irrational fear of cat claws…it’s only slightly irrational because some cats are nice and don’t use their claws, while other cats claw at me any chance they get (like previous family pets we’ve had). I think all cats will claw me to death. I’m mostly afraid (or hate) when I’m under a blanket and I move my feet and the cat sneak attacks me. I hate that. But this new little kitty of theirs will pounce on my feet, but she doesn’t really put her claws out. She’s sneak attacked my feet once, and my parents assure me that she’s done it to them many times and she has never used her claws in the sneak attacks.

Below are the email exchanges between me and my mom regarding this babysitting task of a 2 month old kitty.


From: Me
To: My mom
Wednesday, July 28, 2010 9:16 AM

I accept the challenge of babysitting Pancake this weekend. Please be sure to bring her toys with her so I can tire her little kitty self out and then I’ll be sure to have my own good sleep that night, and not worry about her attacking my feet. Otherwise, I’ll need you to buy me some bed stilt things, so I can put my bed up an additional 5 inches to make sure she can't jump up and get my feet! I love Pancake and all, but I have to be sure I get my beauty sleep too. Are you going to be OK with not being with her for at least 24 hours? Is this a 2 night sleep over, or is it just one night? If she scratches me, what do I do? What if she gets home sick and misses you? What if she poops or pees on my floor? What if she happens to decide to run out my front door? Do I have to give her a bath? Oh God, this is becoming overwhelming just thinking about it.

From: My mom
To: Me
Wednesday, July 28, 2010 9:34 AM

This would probably be a two night babysitting for no fee job. We will probably go Fri and Sat nights, but I also have a retirement thing to go to sometime this weekend, so we may cut the trip short, depending on when that is. I still have to check into that. But, as far as all the other overwhelming things you have brought up, you will have to deal with them when and if they come up. She is your littlest sister, and I think you two should spend this time together. She hasn't even realized what the doors are for yet. She will enjoy lying in the sun by your closed balcony door. She will pack all of her toys, so as to expend all extra energy there. We will re-clip her nails, so that problem will be minimized. She may choose to poop and pee on your floor, but I will send some extra clothes (a diaper bag, if you will) and some vinegar in a spray bottle to clean it up with. Just blot up the urine with a paper towel, then spray lightly with the vinegar, and reblot with the clean rag, and you should be good. She hasn't had an accident here in the last 2-3 days, so I think the worst is behind pun intended. As for stiliting your bed, it seems like this may just be a ploy to draw attention to yourself. She also requires mass amounts of beauty sleep, and this is why she is so damn cute! she does respond to a stern NO, and when she gets rambunctious, I put her down and let her know that she can't play rough when it’s time to be affectionate. Then, I will usually give her a long play session and then hold her when she is tired out. It's a pretty simple routine: play, eat, sleep, play eat, sleep, etc.
I think you can manage if you really set your mind to this.


I’m nervous about my first nights alone with a kitty. I probably sound ridiculous right now. It’s just the cat claws that scare me. Who thinks I’m over-reacting? Am I being too dramatic?
But look at how adorable her little face is!!!!

(Her first piece of cheese!)

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