Friday, July 2, 2010

Ok, so.....

I've been completely obsessed with this one blog. I discovered it today and I won't admit to how many hours I've devoted to reading tonight, and catching up on her life story since she started her blog. It's from a fellow military spouse, and she's so real, and so honest, and funny, and unfortunately her husband was killed in Afghanistan just a few short months ago. I can't imagine what she's going through, but my heart goes out to her and her newborn daughter. I started reading her most recent posts, and then realized I needed to know the rest of her story, so I went to her very first post and I've been addicted. Does that make me sound like a creep? Oh well.

I'm still fairly new to this milspouse business and the military in general, and I've not "known" someone who has had a loved one killed in action. Needless to say, it's got me a bit freaked out. I can't help thinking of the worst possible things right now. These thoughts can literally consume you. Honestly. I KNOW he's in the military and he's currently deployed and I KNOW what could happen to him, but I can't let myself think like that the whole time he's deployed. I think I do a fairly good job of thinking positive, but right now, after reading that, it's sorta hard. I know I probably shouldn't read stuff like this right now, or read news articles about things going on where my soldier is at, but I can't help it. They have for the majority of my evening. If I hear the town where he's at in the news, I have to read the article or stop what I'm doing and watch the news clip. If I don't know where the town is compared to where my soldier is at, I have to look it up on Google Earth. I've cried at the majority of her posts, just insanely sad for her loss, and sad for the loss of the dad of their child she gave birth to while he was deployed and he never had a chance to meet. It breaks my heart to think about that.

On a related note, in between catching up on her life story, I made a care package for my love. I got him some boxers (what guy doesn't need some new ones once in a while?) and he said he loved them and asked if I could get him more. So off I went to get him some more. I even go as far as to wash them up, and put them in a ziplock baggy so they are fresh with the smell of laundry detergent from home. I also had a free $15 coupon at Banana Republic, his all time favorite store, and boxers there are $16 for one pair. Pretty expensive in our books, so he's never had a pair. So I got him a pair. He'll have the most stylish boxers under his (sexy) ACU's. And let me just add that I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to rip those boxers off of him. Well, I won't literally be ripping them off of him, because even though I technically spent about $1 on them, they still cost $16 and no way am I about to rip those. I also got him a magazine, lots of coffee, some peanuts, a few travel mugs, and a few handwritten letters. I also included a new installation of our newlywed game show questions, and I can't wait to see his answers this time. God I love him.

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