Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I'm in a weird mood. By "weird," I mean everything is pretty much pissing me off.

  • Today at the post office, I was waiting patiently for a lady to turn. If I would have known she was going to go 2 f'n mph, I would have turned in front of her. I waited to turn to be safe, but my gosh, she should have been going to the damn speed limit. I've been very impatient with slow and/or stupid drivers lately. I find myself yelling obscenities at people in my car....ohhh, pretty much every time I hop in the car.
  • I hate doing the dishes, yet I hate having dirty dishes. I will never live without a dishwasher.
  • I stepped on the scale the other day at the gym. It was up 6 pounds from since Seth deployed. This should be backwards theoretically. I chalked it up to that I weighed myself after a work out, which they always tell us not to do. Then I realized what I ate when I got home from work today and is all contributing to that 6 pounds. Of course, he has lost at least 15 pounds since he deployed. God, I SOOOO wish I had his will power when it comes to food. It is NOT fair. I also wish I had his motivation when it comes to going to the gym.
  • I mostly enjoy Cake Boss on TLC, but Buddy drives me crazy. He's so egotistical and I hate it. I really only like watching the cakes he makes. I do NOT like his personality and I could never work for him. He's an ass.
  • Also at the post office, I got my least favorite clerk. His name is David. Or Douchebag. (He is the one that really made me mad a few weeks ago. I had made a care package for Seth and included deodorant. He asked me if it had alcohol in it....and I kind of hesitated to answer cuz I didn't know the honest answer, and then I told him no. He then said somewhat threatening me, "you know, if there is alcohol in there, and it catches a spark in the belly of the plane, and takes it down, you will be held responsible." Now, I understand they have a job to do, to keep the military safe, and the postal people and all that, but really, do you think deodorant is going to catch on fire and make a plane the crash? No. Do you really think when a plane goes down, the first thing they think is , "oh, who was shipping deodorant?" No. You suck, David. Don't threaten me.) Anyways, he is always unfriendly and not pleasant to work with. Figures his window was open at the post office today. I'm not nice to him either. So there.

I'm going to go for a bike ride now. Then I'm going to come back, hop in the shower, then paint my nails. I'm just annoyed at everything right now. I'm ready for this deployment to be over.

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