Monday, July 19, 2010

Turbos and holiday's

I went to visit Seth’s parents yesterday. I’ve been meaning to go there for a while. His car had a turbo put on it a few months ago, and after a whole 9 months of waiting (it was supposed to take a week tops), it finally got done. That’s another post for another day though. He asked if I could go to his parent’s house and have his younger brother take me for a ride in it, and I could make some small video’s of the turbo and the blow off valve and take pictures of the boost. So I basically invited myself over, but it was just to hang out with his younger brother, and when he told the parents, they said I should come for dinner, and oh hey, let’s invite my parents too! I went over there earlier than my parents and younger brother and I were going to go for a ride. The reason younger brother had to go with was because I can’t drive a stick shift, let alone a turbo stick shift. Wait, to clarify, I can drive a stick shift, I am just not proficient in it and I really don’t want to learn on his car because he would be very very very veryveryveryvyeveyryryvery upset with me. Very. Upset. With. Me. So I just let younger brother drive me around. It’s always fun visiting his parents and we get along great. They’re really funny and fun and nice and I adore them both. We mostly just sit around in the kitchen and talk about lots of things when I go over there. It always makes me feel closer to Seth when I go visit his family and he’s not with me. I visit them probably once every other month or so. His dad kept calling younger brother “SETH” on accident (all the kids names start with an S) and I had to say, “please stop. You’re teasing me!!” It’s not weird going to see his parents without him, it’s actually pretty normal. Earlier this year, I met his parents and his grandma at Oliver Garden, Seth’s favorite restaurant, for his birthday celebration in his honor when he was in Germany. We called him and passed the phone around. His dad and I actually shared a meal. haha It was his idea though.

It’s not looking like Seth will be home for the holidays this year…any of them…but I hope his parents invite me over for Christmas. I’ve spent the last two Christmases with them, and I’d like to see them again this year, even if Seth isn’t there. I’ll still have presents for them, and they have the best and most funnest Christmas Eve party with their whole family. If they don’t invite me, maybe I’ll invite myself. I have no shame.

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