Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Birds and The Bees

I seem to always have animals and bugs create their home in really random places.
Such as:

The beehive I have constantly growing in a gourd that is supposed to be a bird house. It was a Christmas present from my sister.

And how about the family of birds I have that have been living in my dryer vent? I hear their little feets scratching the dryer vent. Seth told me I need to have the maintenance people remove it before the dryer stuff can't get out and I catch the whole apartment building on fire:

And last but certainly not least, hows about the bird that has built a complete nest in the BBQ? This picture is actually from last summer, but a bird (possibly the same one, I'm not sure) started to build a nest again this summer. I stopped it before it got to this extent:

I also have a wasp or bees nest in one of the pipes in the BBQ. Unfortunately, I can't get a picture of this or else I'll be risking getting stung. I did get stung from this nest last summer.

I'm too scared to remove the beehive from the gourd. Seth told me I should just use a spray can of bee killer stuff and spray it, but since I'm a scardy cat, and I live on the second story, I'm afraid if I spray them, they will chase me and I won't have a place to go (except inside, in which case they will likely follow me and then I'll be stuck). I wish he were home so he could take care of these kinds of things. Ahhhhhhhh!!!

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