Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Making wedding progress...

I just officially reserved our wedding photographer! I really like her work, obviously. What really sold me though, was that for the package we are getting, we get some super cool things, such as a DVD Montage and a coffee table book. I am mostly excited for the DVD montage!! It’s a photo slide show that is about 30-45 minutes long, and we get to choose 15-20 songs, and then she puts our pictures with our music!!! I honestly will watch this ALL the time. I’m the type that would totally have it playing in the background while I’m cleaning, just listening to it and to our songs, and looking at a picture here and there. The coffee table book is a hard cover, custom designed book with our pictures. It’s 12 X 12 and it has about 300 pictures, and it’s a book that will, well, go on the coffee table. No, it will not be used a coaster.

We also get two photographers in the package we are getting; they are a husband/wife team, and the husband stays with our guys, and the wife stays with us girls for the day, and they both have different approaches to photography. She has a photojournalistic approach and he has a candid approach. We also get some editing and processing of the pictures, and touchups, and black/white and sepia pictures, and a brides album which is a black leather album with about 300 of our best pictures. We also get a CD released to us with all of our photos from the day and we can do whatever we want with it, such as make more prints, or make copies for family or whatever. She’s also been in the business for 18 years now.

I get all this, and a little bit more that I’m not listing, all for a very reasonable $1,645. I found another guy in our area and he started at $1,700 and all that was included in that price was his photography skills for the day. It didn’t include any printed pictures (those started at another $245), any DVD video, a back-up photographer, or any picture album. I really liked his work, but his price and what was included didn’t even compare to the lady we selected. (Plus, he’s really young; younger than me, so he doesn’t have a track record nearly as big as hers). Photographers are freaking expensive. I thought he was a great deal, because all the others are around $2,500 for very basic packages. We’re going with this lady and getting the “elite” package and we’re getting a shitton for the less than other people start out.

My soldier wasn't there for the consultation, and I told her where he was at. I didn't want her to get the wrong impression and think that he just didn't care, so he didn't want to go. Even though he doesn't care much for his photograph being taken, I know he would have liked to go with me to the consultation. In her email back to me, she said she wishes my fiance a safe return, and she looks forward to meeting him. :)

Now, if only July 16, 2011, would hurry up and get here!!! 12 1/2 months until we can put her to good use, and I'll have a new favorite DVD to watch!

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