Monday, July 12, 2010

A Perfect Summer Day

Saturday was one of those pretty perfect summer days. The only thing that would have made it absolutely perfect days was having my favorite person ever, Seth, with me.

I got up earlyish and headed to my parents. On my way over, I was hoping the neighbor girls would be home so I could see them. I haven’t seen them in a long time, and hangout time with them was long over-due. These girls are 11 and 7, and I’ve babysat them since the oldest was born. So we have a very close relationship and bond, and they love to hang out with me. I planned on washing my car, and I knew the younger girl would be soooo into helping me. Shortly after I got there, the younger one came barreling through my parents front yard. She went immediately to the rope swing, which she has always loved. I went out to see her, and asked her if she’d want to help me wash my car. She’s helped me numerous times washing my car, and I always let her sit on my lap and ‘drive’ the car. We moved it out of the drive way and onto the grass. She sat on my lap and I made her check the mirrors to see if it was clear to back up. Then she steered the steering wheel and I told her where we were going to go. She was a little chatter box, and was talking my ear off the whole time but I loved it. We got my car done, and she even helped me scrub my rims and get the break dust off!! Then I asked her if she wanted to help me do my parents cars too, and she said we should just start a whole car wash and charge people. Haha I wasn’t up for this much car washing, but I could handle 3 cars. I told her we could at least get some money from my parents for doing their cars though. She said, “I’ll be right back! Don’t leave!!” and she ran over to her house. She came back with her little play cash register, and a piece of paper that said, “Car wash $1.” I told her that we should charge $3 and make a little more money. So she scratched out the $1 and wrote a (backwards) 3. We were already up to $6!!! Then she said that maybe her mom would like her car washed too, so we could get another $3 that way. My parents also said that if we wanted to wash off the shed door (which needed to be painted), they would pay us each $1 for that. The older sister was hanging out with us while we were washing the cars, but she just stayed clear of doing the work. We finished both of my parent’s cars (she drove 3 cars that day, and she even backed my dad’s car into the garage, and then we heard a Miley Cyrus song on the radio and she was soooo excited and sang the whole song to me). I went inside for lunch, and she hopped in the pool with her sister. My mom made some chicken wraps, and made one for the younger sister, because she thought she was going to eat with us, but she hopped in the pool instead. After that, we reconvened in the backyard and we started washing the shed door. I was wearing rolled up pants and a t-shirt, and she decided it was time to get me soaking wet. She attacked me with the hose, and got me soaking wet. She was in her bathing suit still, so I got her soaking wet too. It was pretty hot and it did feel good, but I was soaked. She was hungry by this point, so I gave her the chicken wrap that my mom had made her. We sat on the porch, and she ate her chicken wrap and some cherries and I listened to her tell me story after story. We played on the rope swing for a little while, and then her mom pulled up her van on our front lawn and we washed that too. She paid us $4 for her car (because her daughter washed the wheel-well, and her car was the only one that got that special treatment). The girls are saving up for a chinchilla so I was just helping them out with that. She made $6 that day, washing 3 cars and the shed door. Unfortunately, I didn’t do so well. I made $2 (from her mom), but I still had to pay my little friend $3 for washing the cars. My parents didn’t have any $1’s on them, but I did, so I paid her for them. It’s ok though. At least I helped them out with their chinchilla savings, and had a great day with my favorite 7 and 11 year olds. That is actually priceless. I also informed them that they’d both be in my wedding next year. The 7 year old was SOOOO excited for this and couldn’t wait to hear all the details. When I told her she’d be the flower girl, she said, “I will ask Olivia for training!!!! She has been in SOOOO many weddings!!!!” It was adorable! I absolutely cannot wait until we have kids. We always talk about kids, and having our own, and I even had a dream about having one other night. He is so anxious to be a dad, and I can't wait to make him one! He will be such a good daddy-o and he will spoil the crap out of our (unborn, unconceived) daughter!!!

After that, I hung out at my parents some more, and I inventoried all of my wedding stuff. Yes, I really inventoried it all. That’s the kind of girl I am. My mom and I bought a lot of centerpiece vases a few weekends ago and I’m storing them all at their house. Since we are doing our own food, we’ve been stocking up on serving dishes too. We got a lot already, and we went back, but we didn’t know what we had, or what we still needed, so I decided it was time to inventory it all for next time. We got all that inventoried, and I have a sweet spreadsheet of everything. We also looked at other ideas online and I started some rough draft drawings of the seating arrangements. I know it’s a whole year and 5 days away, but dang it, I’ve been planning this for 7 months already and I can’t wait for it!!! Also, Seth has been looking at honeymoon spots today. Since he’ll still be in the Army when we’re married, and likely still in Germany (unless he gets orders to PCS), we’re taking a road trip. We’re going to go to Cape Cod and Nantucket. He was looking up places for us stay while there. He sent me a link for a romantic get-away. I think I’ll let him mostly plan the honeymoon, he likes that kind of stuff. He likes surprising me, and I’m sure he’d love to plan the hell out of the honeymoon and keep me in suspense. He also found a nudist campground and beach that we can stay at. haha

In other, not so great news, I have a wicked virus on my computer. That was another reason for me going to my parents…I needed to download a program to hopefully clean the virus of my computer. Here's what happened: I told Seth that I would download the TV shows he normally watched when he was in Germany, and I’d mail them to him. I followed his instructions, and somehow along the way, I downloaded a wicked horrible virus. By “wicked horrible” I mean it is fucking horrible. I came home on Friday to find a bunch of porn shortcuts on my desktop, IE pages open to porn, and I can’t access anything in the control panel…everything is blocked and I get a message that says it's "infected." I called a co-worker, and he said to download a program, burn it to a CD, then run it on my computer (hence why I went to my parents). I got home on Saturday night and tried to run the program, but when I double clicked on the icon, it said that program was infected too, and could not be run. Great. So I emailed my co-worker again yesterday and asked him if I could drop off my computer for him to fix. This is beyond me and I have no more patience with it. I’m dropping it off to him tomorrow and hopefully I get it back soon. Thankfully I have a work laptop that I will be able to use for the next few days. I just tried to do a nice thing for my deployed soldier, and look where it’s gotten me. I don’t know if I’ll attempt to download any more TV shows for him. I would love to, but I don’t want to risk it again. It’s a bad bad bad bad virus.

Oh, also, Seth got internet access in his tent, so we’ve actually talked a lot over the weekend, all over IM, but we talked nonetheless. After my computer is fixed, we will hopefully be able to webcam. I haven’t seen him since March 9th, and it’s now July 12th. That’s a really long time in case you’re wondering.

This is really long now...

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