Thursday, July 15, 2010

WLC - it's a real Scrabble word in my book

Last night, I was playing Scrabble with my parents. That sounds so lame to say. Let me preface my whole evening so I don’t sound so lame. My sister’s boyfriend is in town, and he was coming over to hang out. My sister is still in Oregon, but he came over regardless. So I was hanging out at my parent’s house, with them and her boyfriend and we decided to play a game of Scrabble. Now I don’t sound feel as lame. Ok, anyways, the game was sort of sucking and we all were having a hard time coming up with words. We cheat in my family – we allow commonly used/known abbreviations, and proper names, and stuff like that, that surely wouldn’t be allowed in a Scrabble tournament. Thankfully, we weren’t competing. I came up with the word “WLC.” Duh, that is a commonly used “word” in my book. I told them it stood for Warrior Leader Course. (How could they not know that?) I proceeded to plead my case, “it’s the course soldiers have to go through to get promoted, like Seth had to go to for 2 weeks last November so he can become at SGT.” My dad said that at least 2 people at the table had to know what the abbreviation stood for, and I said, “Seth is here with us right now! He’s in my heart! He’s on my phone! This is a legit word!” (Then I opened my phone and showed his picture and said he would support it). They didn’t buy it, and I had to remove my letters, and not get the 10 points for that word. Damnit. Where is Seth when I most need him?!

In other family news, my parents also got a kitty yesterday!! She’s very cute. I’m not a cat person, but I really liked her. We got her at the animal shelter. She’s a 2 month old, Siamese kitty and she has HUGE blue eyes. We like each other. She winked at me when I was saying bye to her. My mom has to go back today and pick her up. I sent my sister a picture and asked what we should name her and she said “Pancake!!” So Pancake was born.

In other world news, Iran is banning mullets. Except they are not called mullets there. They are called “NASCAR Neckdrapes.” WTF kind of word is that?! I don’t know, but it sounds awesome to me. Does Iran have any more important laws to work on right now? I would imagine so. Where are their priorities?

I’m donating blood today and I just printed out the Seth’s unit newsletter. I can’t wait to read it while I’m pumping blood and saving (up to 3) lives! I do this for both him and I; he wishes he could donate blood, but he can't because of the places he's been. While he’s in Afghanistan, it’s the least I can do to make the world a better place.

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