Saturday, July 3, 2010

i'm mad

I'm mad today. I packaged up a care package, actually 2 last night. Today I went to the post office to mail it this morning and sure enough the post office closed early because its a holdiday weekend. I got there at exactly 12:04. So now I have to wait until tuesday to send it out. What sucks even more is that my friend amy and I have coordinating packages for the guys. Her hubs adked if we could get them a percolator coffee maker so she asked I'd get the coffee and some travel mugs for them. We planned to send them at the same time in hopes that they'd get there at the same time (I know hopeful thinking), and she mailed out the coffee maker today and the damn post office was closed so I cvant send them the coffee they need. Ugghhhhh can't the postal workers work for 5 extra minutes so I could mail it out to freaking The Stan. Its already takes 2 weeks to get there. SHhhheeeshhhhh

In other happier news, I got a wake up call from my lover today! It was great and I was totally out and I needed to be up. He wanted to tell me he got the 4th box from a group of students who donated it.he hasn't called to wake me up on a weekend morning since he deployed so it was a nice surprise to hear his voice first thing.

Nowim off to a bbq for the day and I'm blogging from the back of my parents car. I'm already addicted to blogging.

Happy 3rd of july!

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