Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and Other Random Updates

Happy way belated Thanksgiving! I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. I went to my parents house and we had quite a few people over. I talked to Seth too. He said he had some good food for dinner and it was an a-ok day. Just another day closer to being home, I guess. He said that there was a turkey outside the chow hall, just chilling in a wire mesh cage thing. They never killed the turkey to eat it; Seth said that the turkey was literally standing there in on one foot and pooping. He wasn't sure of the point of the turkey being there if they weren't going to kill it. haha I asked if they imported the turkey from the US or if it was a local turkey and he didn't know. (Side note: I learned on Thanksgiving eve that Israel consumes the most turkeys per year). Also, we purchased a new TV on Thanksgiving day!! I found a Black Friday ad the week before, with Best Buy advertisements and we found a new TV that we really liked. Ok, he liked it much more than I did...I really don't think we need a 55 inch TV, but that's me. In all fairness, we compromised he agreed on the smaller couch (instead of the home theater sized couch he wanted) a few weeks ago so he wasn't budging on this item. I was going to get up on Black Friday and drag my dad to Best Buy to get the TV, but Seth sent me a text on Thanksgiving morning saying that Best Buy had the TV we wanted for the sale price that we wanted. It's free delivery, too!! So I purchased it online and it'll be delivered this week. Part of the agreement was that Seth gets to set up the TV when he's home on leave. So I have to go for about a month with a big brand new flat screen TV behind my couch, waiting for Daddy (that's Seth...this new TV is going to be our child apparently) to come home. We also have to purchase a new TV stand, because my current one won't hold this new TV. (Another side note: my current TV in my living room is 20 whopping inches!! Or 27 inches if you count the speakers on the side of the TV. But the actual screen is 20 inches. Geez louise, 55 inches is going to be just a tad bigger than what I'm used to!!) All the more reason for leave to hurry up and get here....

And now for some random updates:
  • Speaking of R&R, beginning December 1, I can officially say, "he'll be home NEXT MONTH!!!!" Ahhhhhhh!!!!
  • I've got quite a bit of my Christmas shopping done. I am seriously addicted to shopping. I love hate that every time I go into a store to do Christmas shopping, I cannot help but to buy myself something too. I am definitely a giver in the gift department, and I just can't help treating myself too.
  • I'm all done shopping for Seth and that's the important one. I'm going to mail it all out this weekend and I'm sure he'll get it in time.
  • I decorated my apartment balcony today. Each year, the apartment complex has a Christmas decoration contest and I've entered for 3 years now...this might be my 4th, I can't remember...and I HAVE NEVER WON. I'm not typically a competitive person, but I am so hellbent on winning this contest!! Everyone else has lights that are all flashing and they give me seizures each time I look at them and I have cute and classy white lights and it's just so pretty. If I don't win this year, I'm seriously moving out to move to wherever Seth is after we get married.
  • I'm listening to Delilah. I actually LOVE listening to her. All year round. I've always wanted to call in and share a sob story (real or made up) and give her a fake name. She is so lame and cheesy and ridiculous, I can't help but listen to her. Seth hates her.
  • Our wedding Save The Dates are officially in the mail!! I've gotten a few messages from people saying they've received them and I've gotten a few compliments on them. It seems so official now :) 230 days!!!
  • I was going to do our Christmas cards today (it's still early, I've got plenty of time!!), but my mom called and asked if wanted to meet her at Kohl's for some Christmas shopping. I couldn't say no. She bought me a few Christmas gifts and I'm superduper excited for them. I found some of those cute wall quote things and was browsing through the different ones with my dad, and I found one that said, "all because two people fell in love." I actually put this quote on our save the date card and I got all excited. Then he took the little canister from me and walked off. I went to find him and he was showing it to my mom and then it was dropped into the cart! Haha, so secretive, Dad! It's this one right HERE. We got to the register and saw that it was $29.99, which seemed a litttttle on the expensive side for just one of them, so I said it wasn't worth it. But then the sales lady said that it was buy one get one free, so my dad and I Super Market Sweeped it through Kohls, back to where they were and found another one. We were running through the store like crazy banchees, pushing each other out of the way back to go find another one. So then I found this one, and I grabbed the canister. Then my dad grabbed it out of my hand and took off running, back to the cashier! Haha oh man, I'm sure we looked totally ridiculous. At the end, when the cash register was in sight, my dad started running really fast and took off from me. Did you ever watch Supermarket Sweep?!?! I used to love that show!! My sister and I would watch it and we were sooo good at it!! I always wanted to be a contestant on it, but I was in late middle/early high school when it was on.
  • I shaved my legs today. Like, full shaving, with real shaving cream and my whole leg. I'll usually do just from my knees down, but today I did the fulllll leg. No more reverse leg hair mohawk for me. I need to get back into the habit of shaving because SETH WILL BE HOME IN JUST A FEW WEEKS!!
  • I've had an extremely productive weekend. I had a very long to-do list and I'm glad I got it all done (well, except the Christmas cards, but I still have plenty of time). I even managed to watch a few lameashell Lifetime movies yesterday. I'll never get the time I wasted back, but that is just fine with me.
I'll leave you with this. On my way to Khol's this evening, I was listening to a country station and started listening to this song, not knowing what it was exactly, but it sounded familiar. Then I heard the chorus and remembered it from last year and I started to cry and I couldn't stop. I don't think it had hit me yet that Seth won't be home for Christmas this year, but this song definitely did.

Sorry for such a long post!

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  1. That made me teary! Ah! I wish my B could be home for Christmas but at least we get to celebrate early!

    hahaha about that shaving thing.