Monday, November 8, 2010

Random updates

I've been a busy bee the last few weeks. Here's what I've been up to:

  • Christmas shopping...this is by far the earliest I've started. Today I even wrapped presents. It's not even Thanksgiving yet!!
  • I work with Molli and she is amazing. We are so much a like and have been getting together every Thursday night for the last few weeks. We go out for dinner and drinks. I live for Thursdays right now. She's also going to be joining the Boot Camp thing at my gym, so she'll be my work out buddy for November 15 through December 18th.
  • Speaking of working out...I've lost 7 lbs in the last 7 weeks, doing the Biggest Loser thing at my gym. I've lost quite a few inches overall and I'm keeping this up. I can't wait for the Boot Camp classes...they have a class called "butts and guts"! I'm super excited for it! I have 7 more lbs to go to meet my goal for when Seth is home, and 3 lbs left to reach the weight I was when he deployed. Totally doable if I stay focused.
  • My sister is coming home for Christmas!! And my brother is probably too!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! I haven't seen my brother in......shit, I don't know. I think the last time he was here was when he came out for Christmas 2008 and stayed through April 2009. Holy crap that was forever ago. I haven't seen my sister since February 2010, which is forever too. My sister and I are very close and she's thinking of staying the winter here (she currently lives in Oregon). I told her she can stay with me if she'd like, except when Seth is home. haha Having my siblings home will definitely help me get through Christmas with Seth deployed.
  • Speaking of Seth, he's been in a different location, and we actually talked quite a bit over the weekend. Just a lot of little random phone calls and some text messages here and there. I think he's paying for internet access and it's consistent, so we're able to have a full conversation.
  • We've g-cammed (yeah, I just made that's webcamming on gmail chat...whatever you want to call it) only twice this deployment. TWICE. It's very frustrating. Hopefully this weekend we'll get a chance to do it again.
  • I really want (need?) a new couch. We've been looking at them online and sending links back and forth. I finally found one that I really like, and I've even tested it out in person. It's superduper comfortable and Seth likes it too. He said I have his approval to purchase it for us, and we'll have it in time for our little belated holiday dinner in January. I can't wait to have everyone over and show off our new couch!! I did want to wait until he was home so we could go to the furniture store and try them all out together and get in dumb arguments about which one to get (hey, it's true. We've never done that before because we've always been apart, and I would love to have a dumb, stupid argument over what couch to get), but he said that we can purchase a new TV when he's home. I'm not one to complain in this department.
  • I have to get my wisdom teeth out. It's going to be friggin expensive. I hate insurance. (If anyone has any advice or knowledge in the TriCare dept and dental insurance, please feel free to let me know). I'm going to have to do it twice, because I refuse to pay $1,118 out of my pocket to get sedated once, and get all 4 teeth taken out. I'll save about $500-600 by doing it twice. So I have one appt in December to get two teeth taken out, and then I'll make another appointment for February to get the other two taken out. My dental insurance resets in January, so this is why I'm doing it again after the new year. The money I'll be saving with this will go towards my couch.
  • After I get my wisdom teeth out in February (I'll spend time recovering on my new couch!!!) we'll be in the very home stretch of this deployment and I'll be heading to Germany for the welcome home ceremony :)
  • My deployment donut says 60% done and 40% to go. Still a great deal to go, but it's going by fast, to be honest.
  • So Seth sorta annoyed me today. Not really, but yes really. He wants new boots for Christmas, and since he'll be in the 'Stan on Christmas day, I wanted to get him something he'd use over there, and not just a bunch of junk. He told me he needs new boots, and he sent me the link to the ones he'd like. I waited a week or two before purchasing them, and ordered them last night. He emailed me this morning and sent me a different link to a different pair of boots that he wants more. Ugh, figures that I just ordered them last night, and now he wants different ones. I swear that he knows exactly what's going on in my head and knows when I purchase a gift for him. Somehow any surprise for him gets ruined. So I had to cancel the boots (at the new place he's at temporarily, he was able to try on the first pair of boots that he sent me, and he didn't like them, so I'd rather not waste $150 on boots that don't fit comfortably, but still). Now I'll purchase the new pair of boots. He KNOWS every single present I buy him, even if I don't give him any hints. It makes me so mad. On my bucket list goes this: purchase Seth a gift and actually have it be a surprise.
I suppose that's all the updates for now. I guess I'll go clean up my Christmas wrapping mess in the living room and fantasize about cuddling with Seth on our new couch in 2 months. A girl can dream, right?

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  1. I'm going to start my Christmas shopping too. We'll be mailing all of our gifts, so I probably should start sooner rather than later.

    That's awesome about the workout! Keep it up!

    I can't even figure out TriCare. I have the hardest time with it. I don't even know about the dental. I'm kind of avoiding the whole thing.