Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Followers and Awards times TWO!

It seems like just yesterday that I started this blog (ok, so it really hasn't been too long ago...end of June, but whatever) that I started this blog and I had no followers for a long time. Last Monday, I had 13 followers. Now, as of today, I have 20 followers! Seven new followers in less than 7 days!! Sweet, huh?!? I think so! So HELLO new followers!! It is nice to "meet" you!! Please introduce yourself and feel free to ask me any questions. :)

I also got my first two "blogger awards" in the same week, within a day of each other!! The rules of the game are:

That I list seven facts about myself and then pass it on to 5 friends.


And, since the award is titled "Stylish Blogger Award," I need to give credit where credit is due: Brea at Utterly Chaotic recently redid my design, so she gets the credit for it being so stylish!!!

Without further ado...(and I'm combining these two awards) here are 14 facts about me!!

  1. I really hate open cupboards and drawers.

  2. I love drawing in paint, like the paint program on the computer. One day I'll feature my artwork masterpieces...yes, they are truly amazing and you'll be blown away. Just be patient for this! It'll be worth it!!

  3. I really hate windshield wipers and the annoying sounds they make on a dry windshield. AHHHHHHH.

  4. I'm a sucker for proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. I try to be really good about it, but I'm part dinosaur human and sometimes make a mistake, but I always try to correct myself where I notice it.

  5. I'm always freezing cold. It's 76 in my apartment right now...because I've been baking...but I'm still fairly cold. Ironically, Seth thinks I'm a "human heater" and doesn't like to snuggle in bed because because I'm so hot. I don't get it.

  6. I have a pretty bad potty mouth, but I'm working on cleaning it up. I'm not trying too hard though. Well, just around certain people.

  7. I have an ongoing love affair with high heels.

  8. At this moment, I currently have 4 different kinds of shampoos and conditioners in my shower. Yes, I use them all regularly too.

  9. I don't spell my name StacEy. It's just Y. No EY. No IE. No I. Just STACY. I hate when people I've known for 1032983029 years spell it EY.

  10. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the one with Jim Carey) and Serendipity are my favorite Christmas movies.

  11. I love cleaning, especially toilets. I just love a sparkling white toilet! So beautiful. I actually love all cleaning in general, and doing laundry too. Oh, and I hate dirty mirrors and windows. And I HATE when toothbrush spray stuff gets on the mirror.

  12. Which leads me to...when I'm brushing my teeth, I cannot stand still. I always walk around my apartment, doing this or that while brushing my teeth.

  13. When I was younger and my little sister and I shared a room, and we had to clean it, I always told her she could sit on the bed and just watch me. I never asked/made her help. I just liked my cleaning style better than hers so this way I got it done exactly how I wanted.

  14. I'm really very girly, but I'm very tomboyish at the same time. I love manicures/pedicures, shopping, shoes, gossiping and watching trashy reality shows, but just as much, I love camping, playing in the mud (side note: when I was little and just started walking, my older brother would make us a mud pit in the backyard and walk me out there and we'd play in the mud until our mom came to find us!!! oh God how I love mud), cars, computers, shooting guns, swearing, know, boy things.

Thanks to Erin at Amateur Hour in NC and Sebs at Newlywed and Deployed for the awards!!!

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  1. I am a new follower so I figured I would say hello! The fact that you like cleaning toilets made me laugh. I love cleaning but that's my least fav part!