Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veteran's Day

For me, Veteran’s day takes on a whole new meaning now that I’m engaged to a Soldier. Yes, prior to meeting Seth I always admired and had the utmost respect for those serving in the military, but I think it’s different when you’re marrying one. Everything hits more “close to home.”

I have more respect than ever for service members now.

I have a better understanding of what they do. (I understand what the spouses and family members back home go through too).

My heart swells with pride and I get teary eyed when I hear the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.
It makes me appreciate my freedom more than ever.
I get so excited when I see someone wearing ACU's, I just want to hug them. (I think it'll make me feel closer to Seth).
Marrying a soldier makes everything a lot more special…the time you spend together, the holiday’s spent together, the times you get to talk. We talk on the phone an average of 3-4 times per week and we’ve only g-cammed twice in 8 months. Do you know how incredibly excited I got during those 2 times we g-cammed? They were the middle of the night and lasted less than 5 minutes each time, but I was so thankful that I was able to see his face, see him, and see that, yes, he is real, and we do have more than just a phone relationship.
He makes me appreciate the little things in life, the things that he sacrifices, for the sake of American’s that he doesn’t even know.
Below is a part of the email I sent him this morning:
I wanted to tell you Happy Veteran's day and how proud of you I am. You're a GREAT soldier, A Great American and a Great fiancé. (You'll be a great dad too, but I'll save that for Father's Day). I love that you always put others before you, and are willing to make sacrifices for others... for people you don't even know. I love how safe you make me feel, and how when we're together, I'm never scared, because I know you'll take care of me. I love the overwhelming sense of pride I have for you when I hear the National Anthem. I love how humble you are when people tell you thanks for your service. I love how you set people to very high standards, and you set yourself to a very high standard as well. I love your bravery and your courage to make America a better and safer place. I love your motivation to be a better person, and a better soldier. I love you so very much and I cannot wait to marry you and to call you my husband.

I love you babe, and I am so incredibly proud of you. Thank you for your service to our country. And thank you to all the other armed forces, past, present and future, for their service as well.

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