Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh, flat iron. How I miss you so

This is a delayed post, but I couldn’t not say it.
Last Friday, I had a huge presentation at work (60 people!!!). I hate presentations and I hate public speaking, for the record. I still did it though, like a good employee. I spent Thursday trying on different outfits for this occasion and nothing was fitting like I wanted it to. However, I knew I’d straighten my hair in the morning and all would be well. I blow dried my hair like normal. I have fairly frizzy hair and I can’t just blow dry it and be done. I have to straighten it or curl it afterward. (Or I can let it dry naturally with curl enhancing shampoo/conditioner/gel, but that’s neither here nor there for this post). So I blow dried my hair and it was a frizzy mess. Typical. I plugged in my flat iron, waited for it to heat up, and then started on my hair. On the second little batch of hair, (this happened all so fast), a fireball flew into my sink, stuff was shot out (copper from the inside of the cord, I later realized after further inspection), landing on my forearm and my mirror and the electricity was killed in the back portion of my apartment (hall, bathroom, bedroom, closet). I started freaking out, thinking 1) my apartment was going to catch on fire and 2) how the hell am I supposed to do a presentation with a head full of fuzzed out hair??? I waited and watched the socket that the flat iron was plugged into and waited to see smoke start pouring out. That didn’t happen after about 2 minutes so I called my dad. He told me to flip the switch circuit breaker to off for this part of the apartment, unplug the flat iron and all would be well, but I was to no longer use my flat iron. Yeah, right, nothing would be well without my flat iron!!! My life was ruined. I did as I was told, so as not to cause more harm. I contemplated calling my coworker and begging her to bring her flat iron to work and I’d do my hair there. Then I had an epiphany. I suddenly remembered my smaller flat iron that I actually use to give me massive, fun, curly ringlet curls!!! My dad said it was OK to use the socket again, and he was sure it was the flat iron that broke and caused this mess, so using my little back up one was a-ok. I plugged it in and finished my hair but oh man, what a rough morning.
So without further ado, RIP ConAir Infiniti Flat Iron. You were a best friend to me. You are greatly missed already.
(notice the crack in the cord and the exposed copper? That's the part that broke, shot the fire ball, exploded stuff on my arm, etc. I was not burned in the unfortunate making of this event).
(Yes, I realize I probably sound incredibly vain right now. Sorry in advance if that offends anyone).


  1. That's awful! My CHI is on the verge of dying, but I've never heard of anything like that happening!

  2. I would be lost with frizzy hair without my flat iron!