Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

I feel like I've made a significant amount of progress in the wedding department this last week. I met with my future in-laws over the weekend and we finalized the guest list. They had three additions, so I proposed them to Seth and he agreed. So I emailed his mom back to get their addresses. Yesterday I went to a printing shop in our town to check things out. We're I'm doing a simple post card for the save the date. I have it mostly done, I just have to finalize it. So I went to this print shop yesterday with my dad and we asked all the right questions. I created it in MS Publisher but now I have to re-create it in Word to meet postcard mailing standards. Luckily, my dad has a postcard template for work, so he's emailing me that, and then I just have to transfer over our pictures and wording, send Seth the proof, get his approval, take it all to the print shop, print the mailing labels and pop them in the mail. Easy, right? Nov. 15 is my personal deadline. This will be about 15 days after my original could be worse, I guess.

I also want to re-take the picture of me on it, because it's old. It's a picture of me when I dressed up in Seth's uniform when he was home on leave from Iraq in 2008. So it's an old picture. I didn't tell him I did that at the time...I thought I might get in I didn't tell him until we were half a world apart again. Then he wanted to see the pictures, and thankfully he liked them. I do have a not so lovey pimple on my cheek so I'm waiting for that to clear up before I re-take my picture. You all wanted to know that, I know.

I wish there was more that I could be doing right now. I suppose I could be creating little recipe cards for the wedding favors. That would mean though that I would have to keep track of them, and keep them in tip top condition until next July. I'll wait for this.

So we have a total of 126 people on the guest list (don't freak out, babe, it'll be OK. We won't really have that many). But I'm expecting something more like 70 because we have a ton of people invited from out of town/state/country. :)


  1. Don't worry about the guests. Just expect around 70% ish and you'll be fine. We had it pretty much down to the number of how many people we expected and I think we had 2 extra. It will work out! I remember deadlines like that very well. Good luck getting them done!

  2. We invited about 120 to our wedding and had about 70 show. We had a lot of out of town guests that didn't come cause we got married on a Tuesday:) We like to do things differently!

  3. I wish 120 was as many people as was going to be at my wedding! Id be tickled pink! haha.. You seem like you have everything squared away with the postcards however.. We are using a company to do our because I have an issue with doing those kinds of things myself for my wedding, Idk, I am not lazy or anything.. but put some alcohol on that pimple and that will clear up and you will be ready to suit up in no time! haha :)