Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One year ago today....

...Seth proposed :) I still remember the day very clearly. We've been engaged for exactly one year, and we have spent a total of 17 days together in that year. I wrote this post back in July on the 7 month anniversary of our engagement, but it's better suited for today :)

It's also Wedding Wednesday and I have a small list of wedding related things for us to do when he's home on leave:
  • Cake tasting
  • Picking out and hopefully finalizing our invitations
  • Talking to my sister about our flower arrangements, bouquets and boutineers (she is doing all of them with her boyfriend!!! I just have to buy her a book on how to do the boutineers)
  • Maybe talk about music
  • Maybe he'll want to see the location in person
  • We'll be starting the vanilla extract wedding favors
I feel like I've got a lot of the major wedding things taken care of and now we have lots of little tedious things to figure out and do. Oh! We need to find someone to marry us!! I think that may be pretty critical.

Is it January yet??!?!?! Is it July yet?!?


  1. So exciting! It sounds like you're on the ball with wedding planning! Enjoy it all!

  2. Yay!!!!

    And SO SOON!!! He needs to hurry up- I'm dying over here!

  3. Awwww! Congrats and good luck with the planning. Hubby and I are already married, but I'm going to be planning a wedding soon : )