Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16, 2009...

This day last year...

I was waiting very very anxiously.
I jumped at every single phone call.
I jumped at every single text message.
I contemplated everything I did, everywhere I went.
I sent his dad a text message that said, “don’t forget!!!"
I was wearing khaki colored slacks and a black low-ish cut shirt. My hair was straightened.
Do I leave work now to go home, or do I stay a few more minutes?
Is he coming to my work to surprise me?
Will he be waiting at home when I get there?
I was royally pissed off that I hadn’t heard from him by 4:15 in the afternoon, so I left work and headed home.
I got home and paced back and forth.
I went to my bedroom and looked out the bedroom window every 2 seconds.
I ate a few wheat thins and hummus.
I looked out my bedroom window again.
My heart was pounding so fast.
I heard a LOUD pounding on my door.
I chugged a big gulp of water to wash down the roasted red pepper flavor of hummus in my mouth.
I ran to the door.
I looked out my peep hole.
Seth was home :)
I was mad at him because he refused (by personal choice) to tell me what time he would be home. I barely knew the date he’d be home.
I boycotted him and hugged his dad before I hugged him.
Yeah, I’m a jerk.
Then his dad said something like, awww come on!!
I think I stomped my foot and said I was mad at him for not telling me when he’d be home.
Then I caved and hugged him.
My short term memory after that is shot.
I’m pretty sure he kept staring at me and trying to steal kisses.
He was wearing jeans and a black sweater.
I was still trying to be mad at him. It was hard though.
We had dinner: spaghetti, garlic bread and wine. We stared at each other across from the table. He did his head boppy thing he does while he eats and he made his eating noises. :) <-- I miss it.
We went to bed early....about 8:45 PM. He passed out pretty quickly. It was too early for me to fall asleep so I just laid there and stared at him like a creeper. I stared at him for a good hour and a half.

Seth came home from Germany on December 16, 2009, after we'd been apart for 9 months. As if 9 months wasn't long enough for us, we've decided...or the Army decided for us...that 10 months is even cooler to be apart this time around. 10 months is about to come to a screeching halt in a few weeks and I will not be a jerkface and refuse to hug him this time around. Is it January yet?


  1. This is sweet! Not too much longer!

  2. Seriously, 2010 needs to end!

  3. Roasted red pepper hummus & wheat thins = Amazing! I like it on pretzel crisps too

    It's almost January. Hang in there :)

  4. AWW! Please don't be a jerkface in january. :) cute story!