Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dream about homecoming

Last night I had a dream about homecoming. It was the most amazing dream ever!! I am pretty sure I cried in my sleep too, with pure excitement. Lee, Amy and Sarah were in the dream too. Here's what happened:

Amy and I were in this hallway of different shops, waiting for the guys to get there. We were looking at cute homecoming outfits for Sarah to wear, and I started picking some out. Lee walked in through some random door all by himself. He was wearing a black suit, with a white shirt and a red tie. Neither Amy or I were carrying Sarah, but she suddenly appeared and Lee was holding her. Amy and Lee didn't hug or anything, it was just Lee and Sarah. I was watching them in pure delight of being reunited and I'm pretty sure I was getting teary eyed. Then I looked over to the left and Seth came walking through the door in his ACU's. Hot damn. mmmmm Amy and I were behind this table thing and I couldn't get to him, and we just looked at each other and smiled. Then I walked around the other side of the table and we finally hugged and hugged and hugged. And I was sobbing, just so excited. I am pretty sure I was crying in my sleep here too. My mom suddenly appeared out of nowhere and she tried to get my camera from me so she could get a picture of us, but she started messing around with the camera and couldn't figure out the settings and then my friend Jen appeared out of nowhere and said, "give it to me, I'll take their pictures." She's all into photography and knows how to work a camera and we hugged for a really long time. I woke up shortly after that, but it was such a perfect dream and reunion!!!! Ahhhh, just a few more weeks.

I absolutely LOVE dreams like this. They make me smile immediately when I wake up and I always know the day will be a good day. :)

(Before this whole reunion part of the dream took place, I was on my way to this hallway of shops thing, and i was watching about 15 kids running around, throwing balls at each other. They were in a shopping parking lot and they were not being safe. There were young kids there too, under 10 years old. All of their beach balls started going into the streets and all of the kids ran out after them. I was sitting in my car with my sister watching all of this take place and I was telling her how pissed off I was that the older kids were putting themselves and the younger kids in danger like that. So all of the kids start running into their street, after their beach balls, and then a little girl, about 7 or 8, got trampled and she was laying in the street crying. I got out of my car and ran to pick her up and all the rest of the kids were standing on the sidewalk just watching, not doing anything. After I saved the little girl from the middle of the street, I carried her to the sidewalk and went completely off on the older kids, why they were playing games/throwing balls in a parking lot, running into the street, not looking for traffic. Oh man, I ripped them new ones, no joke. Then after that, I started talking through all these buildings to get to the one where I'd meet Amy, and we'd be reunited with the guys).

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