Monday, December 20, 2010

Us?? God parents??

Seth and I were chatting on gchat the other day, December 13th to be exact. He sent me an IM that had a different person’s screen name, and I thought that he had mistakenly sent me something. I still read it though, and I realized it was a message/question from his friend Lee, who he is deployed with. I met Lee’s wife, Amy, when I went to Germany in March. They have an absolutely beautiful (and very tiny!!) daughter named Sarah. We spent the day together, traveling to Rothenberg ob de tauber, when Sarah was about 3 ½ months old. Amy and I have become fast friends during this deployment and have emailed constantly back and forth. When I met them at their apartment in Germany, I quickly fell in love with little Sarah, who was napping in a bassinet. She was SOOO tiny and SOOO perfect and I made a joke to Seth that I was going to steal her, but he told me not to because 1) well, that’s just wrong to do and 2) it would make our friendship with them weird. Both are valid points. (For the record, I would never actually baby-nap a kid, I just make innocent jokes about it, because I love babies. I’m confident that when we have our own children, I will no longer have the desire to baby-nap kids, and then I’ll be fending off other baby-nappers).

Anyways, back the IM that Seth sent me. He sent me a question from Lee, saying that him and Amy had been talking (he’s home on R&R right now) and they wanted to ask us our opinion on being God parents to Sarah!!!! I am truly honored and so flattered that they would like us to be her God parents!

I’ve never had God-parents or even known anyone who was a God parent. I always thought it’d be cool, but I never thought it would happen! Honestly, I’ve never considered it for my/our future children. I looked it up online to learn more about it, because it really is foreign to me. But I will take my role as her God-mother seriously and I’ll fulfill my duties.

So I have a question to my readers: are any of you God-mothers/parents? What are your responsibilities? What does it entail? Got any advice for me?

(Side note: the day this gchat conversation took place, Seth called me so we could talk a little about it in person. He said that he was excited to have the word “God” in his title. I responded with, “ohhhh God!!!!!” like with a tone of “ohh pleasseeeeee” and he said, “see!! You’re calling my name!!” But in all seriousness, I know he’ll take this seriously too and we’re both very excited and honored to be her God-Parents!!!)


  1. I am not a god parent...but I sure do love mine! We have a very close relationship and they are always there for me even when it's not a religious event.

  2. oh thats exciting! congrats! I am not a God mother {due to the fact that none of my close friends have kids yet}. But I do have a Godmother myself. Basically her duty to my mom is to make sure that your childrens lives are taken care of if my mom ever passed away before we were 18. In my mom's will it stated that my Godmother had custody of all children {if we weren't 18 yet} and the house was hers and every other asset my mom had would be my Godmothers.

    Now, it could be different with every family, but thats what was done in my situation. Ask them what duties they think need to be fulfilled if something ever happened to them. :)