Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweetest Day

On Saturday late afternoon/early evening, I drove myself to the lake shore to play with my new camera. I decided to watch a sunset on the pier and re-live the moment we got engaged...all by myself. Of course I forgot it was Sweetest Day because I surely wasn't celebrating it, so it was just another normal Saturday for me. It seemed like every possible couple in Michigan was also at the lake and out on the pier that day too. There were probably at least 200 people on the pier and many more on the beach. I was one of the very very few (less than a dozen, honestly) that was solo. Soooo, since every other couple had their partner with them, I somehow became the designated couple picture taker. Sweet. Thanks for the nice reminder that my better half is half a world away. I'm proud to say I was nice about it, but it took work. "Would you mind taking a picture of us?" while they handed me their camera so it was, like impossible for me to say no...and it'd be very rude. Here's how nice I was: one couple wanted the sun setting behind them...so the camera was facing the sun. I was kind enough to tell them that I wouldn't be able to see their faces, so maybe we should do the pier in the background instead. I was moving around for another couple to get the best shot, because I was trying to avoid getting yet another couple out of the background of their picture. I finally took it when half the person in the background was in (hey, it was better than a full person, or two people). I told them I was trying to avoid having someone else in the background, and offered to re-take it, because naturally, the background couple had moved away right after I took the picture. The politely declined and thanked me.

I'm still glad I went. I fell in love with my camera and re-lived the moment he proposed and he was with me...just not physically. And I think I got some really great pictures. See?

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