Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas Dinner - belated

Seth will be home JUST after the holidays. By "just after" I literally mean a week or two after the holidays. Since he'll be missing out on all the homemade yummy-yummy goodness, I thought it'd be fun if we hosted our own belated Christmas dinner, with our families!!! I shared this idea with him and he said, “what are we going to serve though?” I said, “it’s our party, we can serve whatever we want!!!” That apparently got his mind rolling with ideas and he said it would be fun if we tried to make “stuffed Cornish hens!!! And some good green beans. And scalloped potatoes. And some sweet potato pie for dessert. And a checkerboard cake. Maybe some chocolate covered cherries. Or we could try fondue.” Then he went on to tell me that he’d like to try to make some homemade biscuits too, like his dad.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a Cornish hen and so I asked him, “how are they different from a turkey?” and he goes, “they’re like little personal chickens! Each person gets one!” Haha. I said maybe some of us can share. I said, “since I only eat white meat, maybe we can share and you can have the dark meat.” And he goes, “not uh. I’m eating my own whole chicken!!” (Excuse me for thinking we could share!!) Don’t get me wrong, I love me some of those rotisserie chicken things from the grocery store, so I am all for this idea, but I really don’t think I could eat a whole hen.

I was actually surprised when he suggested the Cornish hens, because they are rather “traditional” and he’s all about trying new and different food things. Towards the end of the conversation, he said maybe we could do lamb chops or lamb shanks or something like that. I would definitely prefer a whole hen (to myself…haha), but if he wants lamb, we can do that too. The lamb idea sounds much more like him, anyways. This is really all for him anyways, since he won’t be home in time for the actual holidays.

Either way, no matter what we make, I’m already so superduper excited for this!!! We both love hosting, cooking and baking. I can already picture us getting up earlyish, and getting all of our cooking started, while listening to Elvis’ Christmas CD and it'll be a cold and snowy morning. We’ll stuff the little hens, then we'll take our shower, then we’ll do more cooking (ok, he will, while I do my hair), and we’ll do more cooking and baking and I’ll clean up our apartment and get table settings ready, and we’ll do more cooking and baking and then we’ll get dressed in our nice clothes and we’ll welcome everyone in for our first holiday party together.

Ahhhhh!!! I really just want to fast forward through November and December and for it to be January already. At least it’s another day closer. :)


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