Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday night date night!

Fall is in the air for sureeeee!! My new thing is fantasizing about date night with Seth. Here's what we'd do on this windy and chilly fall-like night:

This weather is perfect for going to the hot tubs!!! We'd cook a warm and yummy dinner together: baked ziti with french bread and wine. We'd relax after dinner and then go to the hot tubs after dark. We'd spend an hour in the tub relaxing and talking.

After our time is up, we'd take a quick shower together and put on comfy clothes and hop in the car to come home. He'd want to watch a movie, and I'd be really sleepy and just want to go to bed. He'd convince me to watch a movie, and he'd pick one and put it on, and we'd be on the couch with my head in his lap. I'd fall asleep while he's running his hands through my hair and he'd keep waking me up after he realizes I'd fallen asleep yet again. He'd get really annoyed that I keep falling asleep and I'd have to tell him, "told you so!" that I really did just want to go to bed. After the movie, we'd go to bed, and I'd have taken a nice little nap and then I'd be awake and he'd be annoyed because now he was sleepy. haha We'd compromise on the me being awake and him wanting to sleep thing by trying to make a baby and then we'd both fall asleep shortly afterwards. (It's true, we really would try to make a baby).

Oh man, I can't wait to go on a date with my babes. Only a few more months....

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