Monday, September 20, 2010

It's been 194 days....

...since Seth and I have seen each other in person. That is such a huge number.

We were chatting on gmail this morning. Well, actually, he was signed in, but he wasn't there, so I was somewhat talking to him, with no response. When he finally came back, I said, "where have you been all my life?!?!" And by "all my life" I meant the last 2 hours that he was signed in but wasn't at his computer. Anyways. I'm soo not dramatic.

His response was so cute. He said, "I've always been right here...waiting :) "

So cute, huh!? YEP HE IS!!!!

We also got to g-video chat this weekend. It was for like less than 5 minutes and he had just woken up and was in his pajamas/PT shorts and shirt and had on a beanie and he looked sexxxxy as hell. And he was rubbing his eyes cuz he was sleepy. And he is growing his hair out, which he showed me. It obviously won't last for long because they won't allow it, but he has had a shaved head for a long time now. I like when he has hair. Then we got disconnected and he had to go shower and get ready for work. I'll take 5 minutes over no time though. Especially after 194 days of not seeing him.

Is it January yet??

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  1. Video chatting is the world's greatest thing!