Saturday, September 18, 2010


Lately we've been talking about babies and when we want to start trying for a baby and all that fun stuff. There's a little thing called a deployment preventing us from trying right now, but one day in the near-ish future, we will be trying. It got me thinking what traits I'd like our future babies to get from me and which traits I'd like our kids to get from him. So, with that said (in alphabetical order) here are some traits from each of us that I'd like our kids to have. :)

Athletic ability -- definitely Seth
Brains -- definitely Seth (not gonna lie on this one....I'm a total blond sometimes)
Compassion -- Me
Courage/Bravery -- definitely Seth
Determination/will power -- Seth
Eyes -- either of us. We both have bright blue eyes so we're destined to have beautiful blue eyed babies!!!
Hair -- me :)
Metabolism -- definitely Seth
Patience - definitely from me
Sassy-ness -- definitely from me :)
Sense of humor -- either of us
Quirkiness - me!

What features do/did you hope your children have from you and your spouse?

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  1. These are such fun things to think about! And wait until you have that blue eyed baby, you will never stop taking photos of those pretty eyes!!