Friday, March 11, 2011

Mil Spouse Friday Fill in 6

Thanks to Wife Of A Sailor for these questions. Go link up!! :)

1. During military separations (whether short or long) how do you keep yourself positive and motivated? submitted by Married/Single Parent

Thank God I have a job. A job that forces me to get out of the house every day. I don’t always stay positive – I get sad and depressive about it and then it usually takes a little while to get out of my funk. I try to stay busy, work out, take advantage of doing things alone that I know Seth wouldn’t enjoy doing with me (like going to the Princess Diana exhibit a few weeks ago. He would never go see that).

2. What is your favorite concert you have ever been to? submitted by Young but Not (Completely) Dumb

Umm, Billy Ray Cyrus when I was like 8? JK. I don’t remember that, except being in San Francisco Park and I got a fake alligator on a stick thing. It was made out of Styrofoam and it was pink. I’ve been to countless 98 degree concerts. My favorite one there was in 9th grade when I got tickets for my birthday. I started talking to some groupie and told him the concert ticket was my birthday present and that today, the day of the concert, was my birthday (that was a lie...the concert was in September and my birthday was in June, but whatever). I asked if he could get a signature or help me meet the guys, Nick or Jeff specifically, and he said if I could find him after the show, he’d see what he could do. You bet I found him after the show. During clean up and take down, I was yelling his name...I think it was Joe....and then he came over and talked to me and gave me the rags that the guys used to wipe the sweat off their faces during the show. Yeah, so really, I probably could have hopefully cloned those guys and became famous, but cloning seemed like a lot of work and I wasn’t into that. The guy gave my sister and best friend, who went with us, each a towel and I still have them. Brittany Spears also toured with them, and her tour bus hit my mom’s minivan and scraped up the back of it. That’s my claim to fame. I don’t remember the last concert I went to and it’s about time that changed.

3. What do you miss most about your “hometown”? submitted by A Florida Girl and Her Soldier

N/A...haven’t moved yet, so I can’t answer this one yet.

4. If you could run in any race, which charity would you choose to support? submitted by Wookie & Co.

If I were to do a race, which is out of the question, but that’s not the point, I would do one to benefit under privileged kids. Or kids with disabilities.

5. You find out Willy Wonka is your father, what 3 course meal do you INSIST he create in that stick of gum? submitted by A{muse}ing Mommy on a Pink Park Bench

Oh dear, I don't know. This will be all over the place and it wouldn't happen in real life, but I'm tired so here goes: chips and homemade guacamole. Preferably mine because it's the best in the world. Seth says so. And chips from Qdoba because they have that lime-y tangy flavor to them and they're the best. Dinner would be BBQ'd chicken. I think it's my favorite. Marinated though. I like BBQ sauce OK, but I like marinades more. You can't go wrong with it. I'd have it with a side of asparagus or green beans or broccoli and lots of it. For dessert, I'd have a chocolate lava cake like we had at the tapas restaurant while he was home on leave. Hello incredible. I'd also have an alcoholic beverage, probably some zinfandel.

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